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Well been Manchester Royal hospital today rheumatology lupus clinic seen speclist doctor called Rachela Gorodkin very nice lady she asked me lots of questions about wots been going on and about my family and examined me and took lots of blood test she sied that lupus and APS go together most time but you can have one with out the other she was asking me thinks and testing for lupus and I asked about thyroid and she testing for that too she says Fibromyalgia as well she not ruling out any think it was nice to talk and some one listen I told her about my memory loss and it was scaring me too she will see me in 6mounth unless I feel I need to see her just to phone her any time and she get back she will write to me and my GP about the test and she going to get neurologi to look at my MRI scans so finger crossed will get some answers back and she told me to get my stomach sorted out too wich I go back to my GP on Friday no better yet so still not eating good and I go on the 11 January for my injection in to my hip so have to stop my warfarin 5 days before and have fragmin injection till I have it done so lots to look forward to but I am looking forward to our Holliday on Xmas day for 2 weeks will let you know how I get on x

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Hi Lesley,

So glad that the appointment was succeesful and that you could talk to her! Well done Lesley with all your problems at the moment.

Please let us hear how it goes. Hope you can eat something good for Christmas anyhow.

Nice Christmas Hollidays! Are you going on a trip abroad?


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Thanks keratin yes me too when I am away and don't eat much when I go away don't like the food will let you know how I go on xx


Well done with the recent appointment, hopefully you will get a bit more help and clarification. MaryF


Thanks mark been back to doctors to day cos still same with my tummy he's say just to leave it till I come back off my holls then if I am still the same he send me to hospital for them to look in to it so just hope it Carmes down xx


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