Hi had some blood test done got them all back but don't under stand them dose any one know what they mean not been on for a long time had a good holls in Egypt over Xmas and New Years never felt so good come back to bad head all time but had my injection in my hip last Monday doctor was so nice gone back on my warfin my INR is 1.4 so go back next week put me on my warfin hope you all had a good one xx don't know how to put 2 on

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  • I am afraid I can't read any of it, and in any case you really need to sit down with the nurse registrar, or trusted consultant or GP to go through presumably your blood tests for Hughes Syndrome/APS, INR, Thyroid, D,B12 and iron, presuming that this is what was done, and anything else they ordered. They can tell you what is or is not within range! Each lab will have a range for each test and anything to high or low will be marked. Phone up and ask to see somebody about it, as not being medical people, although we can guide you in the right direction, who ever ordered all these tests needs to sit with you for a few minutes and guide you through it. Best of luck. MaryF

  • They make it hard to understand I go to the doctors next week they is a that have < and * and look like a phone or a can I know the doctor will say not got time to go through them with you you come about your tummy been swollen and hurting but we will see y can the never make think easy lol thank any way

  • Take your most trusted articulate friend, colleague, relative or neighbour with you to act as another pair of ears! MaryF

  • Hi Lesley,

    Welcome home after your trip to Egypt! Well done indeed.

    I agree with Mary. If you have a Specialist who understands your symptoms and know you very well, you may leave the bloodsamples to him and feel certain that he will act if something is not ok. But keep them at home. Ask them to talk with eachother about your coagulation. If they know APS they know that is important.

    Good luck next week!


  • Hi thanks keratin I am not seeing her now till June now so will asked my doctor on Thursday when I go hope you are ok too xx

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