Can anyone tell me how long you have to wait for your assessment after applying for PIP.

I received my letter this week to apply and was told by staff at the centre my payments will stop on the 25 December and as the post will not be able to reach me by them expect all payments to stop and my car will be gone by the end of January.

My Husband does what he can to help me but we pay for extra help.

Every time we look at each other we just cry.

I missed out by 1 month and 1 day other wise we would not have to through this.

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  • It probably varies depending on location, I applied fairly recently and was interviewed a fortnight after returning the forms, I was informed of the outcome 2 weeks later and the payment was back dated to my original phone call. I was shocked how quickly it all happened tbh.

  • Thanks for your reply. I think my problem is it all is centred around the Christmas and New year breaks.

  • Christmas might interfere a bit, it does with everything but if so it's very mean spirited to cut you off before they assess you. I must admit I returned my forms via special delivery, cost about £7.25 but I knew it would arrive the following morning and be signed for. I think 1st class recorded would do the same for a lot less. I'd recommend returning them asap with the earliest possible delivery and that way you maximise your chance of getting an early interview. They will back date the money so try not to get too upset about it.

  • Thanks. I have not even got the form yet and they think it's unlikely this side of Christmas but I will also send back by special when it does arrive.

  • Oh sorry I assumed they'd put the form in with the letter telling you to apply, bit stupid not to. This was my first application and I was pushed into applying by the courts as I'm in the process of divorce, I fully expected to be rejected but wasn't.

  • the form is on line, comes through within days,

  • Thanks. I asked to deal with all correspondence on line and was told that is not possible

  • I returned my forms by return of post and am being seen next week. MaryF

  • Thanks for your help

  • Hi Pip,they don't stop your payments, this is only done if you don't send back the paper work, I had an extended two weeks for my paperwork as I informed them that I hadn't been well. Take care. x

  • Mine was refused despite my APS, CKD and Heart Failure. Didn't get enough ticks in their boxes, quite upset to be honest. I have a Freedom travel pass, but the DWP have been awful to me.

  • So sorry to hear that but you can appeal

  • Well folks I had my PIP turned down. I appealed and got my MP involved.

    Last week the DWP phoned and said my appeal has been successful.

    I was 2 days away from losing my Motabilty car.

    I am so pleased every thing is now sorted but do feel the assessment was handled badly in the first place and would have saved a lot of distress.

    With this disease we do not need stress.



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