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PIP Tribunal

Hi, I am very pleased to say this I WON ! !! I went to my face to face Tribunal last Thursday. I met with a Gp a Judge and a lady ( I think she said from Disabilty) I was dreading it, but they were really nice people. They asked me all sorts about how APS effects my life. Which I answered truthfully, I told them how I had been a professional Driving Instructor and how I have had to stop teaching and I sold my car. They listened to everything I said,and also asked my husband questions about me. ( I took my husband for moral support) Also a lady from CAB who had helped me get as far as a Tribunal.

After about 45 minutes we were asked to leave the room while they discussed me. They then called me back. To tell me that they were giving me Enhanced Rate for both parts.

I was totally gobsmacked !!! So that's backdated to January 2014. But until I get the money in my extremely poorly Bank Account I don't think I will believe it. I've been fighting this for so long.

The judge did say that more understanding of Auto-immune illnesses was required. So that's promising.

Christine x

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Well done and best wishes. MaryF x


Fantastic news, well done.

Best wishes.



Thought it was impossible to get PIP with APS.


Well done for keeping going. Just proves that there are sensible and understanding people, capable of reaching just and appropriate decisions. I hope that also sets a precedent for others.


Brilliant result after what must have been a horrendous ordeal. I hope that you found the CAB very helpful and supportive and I would suggest than anyone in a similar position tries to use them and or checks out the Benefits and Work website

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I am so pleased for you, there is occasionally justice. X


Fantastic news, but sad you had to go through it all. Plan a holiday, that's going to be some pay out! Fingers crossed I've just sent my application for review off xx


Fantastic. Best wishes for the future. Regards Dianex


Good news x


sounds great and also something you have worked very hard and long at

What is PIP and how does it work over there ??


Hi, PIP stands for Personal Independence Payment. Basicly it is a newer version of Disability Living Allowance. So because I can't do my job any longer I decided to fight and see if I was due to anything. So I eventually wonand because iI did the payments are backdate to January last year. So my Bank Balance is a lot healthier.

Don't even want to think what i would have done if I hadn't managed 3rd attempt.


This sis in England correct ?? Here in the states we have Government Disability that we have to quantify for . it is suppose to take 90 days --because of my APS and the other 22 dia. problems it took 9 1/2 months . but it was retroactive but i still like you had a financial trouble and with me i lost everything even my good credit rating . so i lost this stuff for life .


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