Electric blankets

Sort of off topic but related as the cold really affects me and can be painful at times, causing numbess and everything else with the raynauds... Some nights I get to shivering so bad I can't seem to get warm!

I am needing to buy an electric blanket (maybe both over and under) as the home I will be staying in over there is VERY cold I am told!!

Can anyone help me with a place to buy, mail order if possible so it can be waiting for me? I know all the great discount places here in US but nothing in the UK! Dont want to spend a fortune but really looking for a nice fleecy soft one, like I have here...

Also other ideas you use to stay warm during day- I just bought some fingerless gloves to wear and will prob bring or buy mittens. I am so limited by baggage that it will be hard and my books and meds taking up a lot of space! No room for clothes!!

Can you help with this please?

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  • jet

  • Funnily enough I am just the same I am so cold in bed at night so have just ordered a electric blanket from Amazon UK for £17, hoping it will arrive today to keep me snug!!

  • tell me how it is and if nice which one so I can get too!! I hope it keeps you warm and cosy!!

  • I indulge in several hot water bottles, never travel without them! Good luck! Mary FB

  • they soon get cold!! electric blankets stay warm all night! I think I need to invest in a good man who throws good heat when he sleeps, lol! Know of any?!

  • well yes... I do... but unfortunately he is already taken! xx and yes they do go cold... but i find, (seeing as in winter i sleep with the window open!)... that if I get into bed hot in the first place, I stay warm...however if i start off cold, I never warm up then burn a temperature... x

  • I live in the US but I think Amazon sells the one I have. It is a Sunbeam Heated throw. I love it. It automatically shuts off after 3 hours, so I usually turn it on about 15 minutes before I climb into bed. It helps so much. It is a good size too, perfect for one person. My husband is a hot sleeper and so the throw size doesn't even reach him. Good luck!

  • Need one with UK power source...

  • I would highly recommend a fleece heated blanket or throw.

  • that is what I am looking for!!

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