Memory problems

Memory problems

Hallo there.... Am glad to have seen this and joined coz am so scared of what is happening to me... I started having memory issues a while ago but it's gotten worse...My Gp always dismisses it and says it's stress,had an MRI scan that was clear...the neurologist said it's all about my lifestyle which is basically non existent....

I have been in the house for more than a decade taking care of my son with Autism, I have no friends at all...I don't go anywhere,I send my husband everywhere... Am from Africa,so being in Europe means I have no family.... No social life whatsoever.

Today my husband has gone,'can't you remember' more times than I can remember... Occasionally I'll wake up kinda blank I call it or in a dazz,can't remember what is currently happening in and out of my life...everything I remember seems soo long ago,today someone called me and I went on and on that she forgot about me and she never calls me anymore only for her to insist she called me two weeks ago....long story short, am scared...


What should I insist to my GP to be checked....

Help appreciated in Advance and thanks a million.

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  • OK - Have you had any blood tests to rule out or confirm APS? If you feel you have this, you need to get your GP on side to confirm this-bearing in mind many haven't heard of it or don"t quite believe it's a real disease. I was quite sure I was getting Alzheimer's before I was properly diagnosed- and that took being made a parcel that was tossed around from one specialist to another all with negative results.

    There is a list of specialists in the UK with a link on the right side of the page. You don't say where you are but I'm sure the Admin on here will point you in the right direction to find a doctor if you let them know your location.

  • Hi, and welcome, what I suggest is that you look through the list of symptoms for Hughes Syndrome and if you have these, then the next step is the blood tests.

    We can certainly guide you in the right direction if you do actually have this condition, if not you may have to continue your search. Best wishes. MaryF

  • Also, further thoughts, please make sure your Thyroid is looked at and the blood tests done for that, as a low thyroid can cause cognition problems, and also check your levels of B12, D and iron (Ferritin).


  • Hello Mary was reading this as my memory poor. I was depleted off folic acid that I believed ladies went on three months before trying for a baby. At 54 and change at 42 wondered why this was so important for consultant to issue script and importance of taking for solid two months. Upon reading up, lack of this is found in memory problems. This site is great thank you

  • Hi Jeccey,

    Welcome to this friendly site!

    This illness is about too thick blood! When it is propperly thinned we feel much much better.

    I wonder if you have other symptoms from APS not only memoryproblems? Are you dizzy, have brain fog, eye-problems, headache? Usually we do not only have memory problems. At least it does not usually start with that.

    I understand you better than you can imagine. People and GPs do not understand us and many members here (myself included) have believed we are getting crazy before we were anticoagulated.

    I can tell you my MRI was also clear as I have microembolies or microclots.

    If you still think you have APS read "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray. She has APS herself and writes about the different symptoms of this very rare illness. I have it in pocket. I live in Stockholm and I do not know where you live but stay on this site if you believe you have got APS.

    The big issue is to find an APS Specialist if you have the symptoms and that is the most important thing!!

    Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thanks and thanks again for your replies.... I live in Ireland. I had intense migraines in my 20s when I lived in Africa, Kenya,then I was on the contraceptive pill,when I came to live abroad about 16 yrs ago,I saw a doctor who pointed out the pill has hormones that must be giving me migraines, I stopped and went on to use the T-coil which is non hormonal and pap!!! Migraines gone. I since then hardly get a headache.

    Foggy feeling, it happens like twice a month where I mentioned above I'll wake up kinda not insomuch with reality and the worst is right then what I did the day before feels like a month before...

    Ooohh God...Am so scared am beyond me.....

    Thanks again for your much appreciated support...I would love to read the book,annnd I must have bloods done to that specification...and thyroid....oohhh God......

  • If you lived in the US I would suggest being tested for Lyme Disease..."lyme fog"....any possibility you contracted an infectiours agent?

  • of course once APS and all AUtoimmune Disorders ruled out...when we feel "sick" it is our over active immune system gearing up for a "battle"

  • Sorry, should have added am 43 yrs old....thanks loads

  • Ooohhh....Lure, I do wear pain or anything more than being short sighted....dizzy, it hasn't so much happened lately but there those days I have to take a moment or two to stand up if I was on a laying position... Mary,Ozchick....I'll have to book for blood tests...not sure what they've done before,and thyroid...

    Thanks again....Please inform me more...

  • Yes please do all the tests mentioned above, the three blood tests for Hughes Syndrome/APS and also Thyroid, B12, D and iron, do them in a hospital so the samples do not hang around, I am afraid we have no recommended specialists over there only in the UK. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary...I'll do exactly that annndddd soonest possible... Thanks

  • Any autoimmune condition means, by definition, that one's immune system is on overdrive. Which means that every day of our lives can feel like one of those horrid " day just before I came down with the flu:" brain fog, exhaustion, etc. except we don't have one rough day which, in hindsight, must have been the pre-symptoms of the flu, we live day after day like that and most doctors think we're crazy. If such a priggish doctor can find, and blame, an obvious stressor in our lives --such as having a child with a developmental disorder --then they will point to that and send us, untreated, out of their office.

    In the the opinion of the English major housewife from West Virginia who is not qualified to even have an opinion --you should see a rheumatologist for a lot of blood work to see if your autoimmune response is haywire, and/or if your endocrine ( hormone) system is messed up

    As I said in an earlier reply -- It's not the stress causing the disease, it's the other way round! The disease causes the stress! --and all this is worse when your undiagnosed disease sundae is garnished with a big wallop of medical condescension with of " I told you already you're just stressed, now go away and leave me alone" cherries on top."

    Many of us have been there and done that.

    Stay strong, and keep trying for a referral!

  • You may also need to be seen by a neurologist, because there are a lot of things that can cause memory problems. If the neurologist then says there is nothing wrong, you are depressed, or stressed, keep looking. Neurologists don't often think of APS, even though it is possible. You would be getting a head start to ask your GP to do the tests recommended on the Hughes website. Even if they are negative, you may still have APS.

    Don't give up, but you will probably have to have a thorough workup to get help.

  • I had a life change and I moved to a city that I had to learn at least 5 locations for my new job. I was stressed and felt anxiety every time I drove somewhere. While driving I developed sensory overload that only made the matter worse and my memory was horrible. I got by with driving the same route until I got use to it but I still find myself not feeling confident about my driving skills or routes I take on a daily basis. At first, I did think that my memory was getting really fuzzy but I believe it was the huge amount of stress that was eating away at my confidence to drive in the city or even at times not want to drive at all because I thought I might turn on a street unfamiliar to me and get lost. I do think the more and more I drive the confident I become and my memory problems have decreased. My point is that stress coupled with anxiety can produced transient memory loss even though I never had a problem with my memory before..

  • If you think you have APS try to get an APS-doctor and get a diagnose.

    Many of us have memoryproblems before we are well anticoagulated for our sticky blood that gives us clots, dvts, strokes etc etc.

    I could not drive because of Eye-problems and Vertigo so I sold my car.That was before anticoagulation. I also have difficulties to find my way when my INR of warfarin is a bit low and then I do not even recognize places sometimes. I agree with you about stress and anxiety and also APS.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • What is APS?

  • Read "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray! She has APS herself and writes of the different symptoms and how it is to live with this illness.

    I have it in pocket here in Stockholm.


  • Not sure if you have any other symptoms but look up Lyme Disease. I'm having trouble remembering things too but didn't realize how many other symptoms I have until someone suggested Lyme disease to me.

  • I do hope you have got an APS-Specialist if you have got a diagnose. I have been on this site for so many years and I know that a Doctor who knows what to look for (as an APS-Specialist does) is crucial to be anticoagulated as we have all too thick and sticky blood. So very many things in our body is connected to our sticky blood.

    That is all!

    Best wishes and put your own question here if you like!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

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