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Has anyone else had trouble getting insurance? I usually travel in Europe and pay a slightly inflated premium but have planned a 5 day trip to New York at the end of November with a friend, to be honest travel insurance didn't even come into my thoughts when planning. I have APS and have had two pulmonary embolisms in 2009 and 2010 prior to my diagnosis and am currently taking Rivaroxoban. I have been quoted £300+ for a 5 day trip by 4 insurers, not sure what to do now?

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Hi have a look at the list of insurance companies suggested on our charity website. This is where most of us end up looking. MaryF


Hi if you go onto lupus uk site there is some contact numbers on there however they will be expensive if there able to insure you. good luck unfortunately i can not get any insurance i have tried everywhere and been screened and all ways comes back unable to insure due to me being in and out of hospital and had so many blood clots, and complication. Good Luck


I had the same problem and paid £200 for a week the first time as the ones I called from the list wouldn't cover me (it was last minute and just had to sort something!) but I now have an annual policy through my bank and just pay £90 extra for APS and Asthma.


Hi I got annual European cover through Staysure for about £250 ish if that helps. They specialise in people with existing medical conditions.


Hi Ally,

I was wondering if you managed to get insured for your trip to NYC, as I am finding it really difficult to gain insurance for USA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Beth


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