Travel Insurance -any recommendations?

As yet I am undiagnosed, I have had one positive LA and I am just waiting for second set of tests. All the usual policy documents seem to say medical conditions which are as yet undiagnosed are excluded from medical expenses under the policy unless they are declared. Has anyone obtained travel insurance with APS recently and at a reasonable premium?

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  • Hi, I wave declared my APS. Have you had a blood clot or stroke or heart attack? As I've had a blood clot it makes it a bit more expensive. I found just going on a two week holiday this year cost me £30.00 . I had gyni stuff to declared to. An annual policy is about :£270 PA. But if you just take out a two week insurance I think its not to bad. Go on travel supermarket or a comparison insurance and make sure you click in medical conditions to declare. Is not to bad. But I'm afraid does bump insurance a bit but if you have APS with no dvts and strokes might be pleasantly surprised. Hope that helps?


  • Hi, I declare my APS and other medical problems caused by APS including occluded kidney. My last holiday cost £130 for a week to Morocco with Freedom insurance who recognise APS. I did have a yearly insurance with Columbus that insured me under a blood clotting disorder but not specifically APS I had to claim off them for a non APS related issue and they paid up but won't insure me now so using Freedom.

  • Hi. I am insured through my bank, Natwest. I get free travel insurance (car breakdown, phone insurance etc) as I pay a monthly premium for an enhanced account (pretty standard in most banks and not a big amount) but I have to pay an additional £80 a year for worldwide travel insurance for a pre-existing medical condition. I made sure they had actually put APS as a named condition on the insurance certificate (previously they put down another blood clotting condition as they couldn't find APS on their list!!! There's a surprise!). I'm glad they did as I claimed for a doctor visit and pre-loaded Clexane (Lovenox) syringes in Hawaii and they paid me back the $610! Good luck and bon voyage.

  • hi

    I got insurance with staysure, recommended by Dr Karen Breen. It was expensive, but was fully covered for APS, Lupus, and Factor V Leiden.

    Take Care


  • Hi

    We have a list of recommended travel insurers by APS patients here:

    However, as you are waiting for the results of tests, the insurance companies may not cover you. I found that any time I was in this position, they wanted concrete results, even if the outcome wasn't so bad. I hope you have more luck!

  • Just wondered what the position is fpr sero negative patients? Those who are having preventative treatment but blood test results say not APS?

  • Interesting question. I guess it depends on whether you have a letter stating you have been diagnosed. If you're having preventative treatment, then I would say, yes, declare it to the insurance companies. They often look for the slightest excuse not to pay out ...

  • Tbanks Kate. It's a difficult one when you haveone adamant you don't and one who believes you do have a diagnosis. I think I will speak to my bank as like others I get travel insurance with my bank account.

  • Thanks to all for their recommendations, I left it far too late to look at travel insurance really (what's new!), but managed to find a policy which covered a family of three for 10 days with declared APS for £40 so I was quite happy but I only take aspirin and haven't had any clotting episodes. I went with the company (can't remember who they were but will look) because they actually listed APS, many of the other sites didn't even recognise it so I gave up.

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