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Treatment for dry eyes


Went to the eye hospital yesterday just to check everything was ok with my eye as I feel like I am looking through a mist. Basically I have to wait for my brain to adjust to this and the huge floater which is very wearing and tiring.

The nurse commented on how dry my eyes are which I already knew. I have Optive eye drops which I was originally told to use three times a day but she told me to use them more often. I also have Artelac individual drops to use when necessary. Does anyone have anything else they use (preservative free)?

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I have Sicca, an autoimmune condition which is dry eye syndrome. For that I take prescription eye drops twice a day, here in the States they are called Restasis. Folks who have Sicca can be prone to have Sjorgen's Syndrome, RA, lupus and other conditions - I don't have those and it doesn't mean one will have.

Yes, Restasis is preservative free.

Good luck!


My Mum has Sjogrens and uses Hypromellose eye drops, they are available on prescription in the UK but can be bought over the counter too, but I have no idea if they are preservative free but there is lots of info on Google about them so it should be easy to check

I use viscotears, I,m not sure if they are preservative free,but guess they probably are as you have to discard the tube after four weeks


I have mild Sjogrens and use Optrex Rehydrating drops which really help, particularly if I have a long day of computer usage at work.

I have Sjogrens Syndrome and this replymay be a bit late as a reply but I recently saw my eye consultant and he recommended HYLO TEAR 10 ML- LUBRICATING EYE DROP DRY EYE SENSATION - 10ML - I bought some and it is very easy to use and hopefully will be able to get them on prescription as they are quite expensive but they do help. They are preservative free. I seemed to have used everything!

I do not think you shall use too many things. If i were you I would talk once more with the eyedoctor and hear how many times a day you can take the drops. Does he not know that you have got dry eyes? Only the nurse?

Best wishes from Kerstin

Dry eyes occur when your tears aren't able to provide adequate moisture for your eyes.This leads to the eyes drying out and becoming inflamed (red and swollen) and irritated.Treatments are available to help relieve the symptoms, which include eye drops to lubricate the eyes, medications to reduce any inflammation.As well as medical treatments, there are some things you can do yourself to help prevent dry eye syndrome or reduce the symptoms.These will include: keeping your eyes and eyelids clean and protecting them from dusty, smoky, windy and dry environment by wearing glasses, as glasses will prevent from damaging your eyes and in market their are Sunglasses Suppliers [] that provides good quality of glasses. Moreover ,eating a healthy diet that includes omega-3 fats .

I use some eye drop.

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