Mouth Ulcers still her

Hi I have my mouth ulcers still! Burning tongue subsided, but God forbid I shud eat spaghetti sauce or anything acidic!!! Getting off APS, I just want to send Love and Peace You're way to all my friends across the Pond!!! There have been extremely hard times for you and I must send My heartfelt warmed prayers and wishes for those fallen brace people who were terrorized! What next! I'm fin NY and 20 miles from 911/ground zero! Never again we say!!! GODSPEED from one who cares and prays for all of Gods Children!!! GODSPEED!!!

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  • What are you using on your mouth ulcers? I had some a short while ago and the usual OTC meds were not working. My Pharmacist gave me something called Kenalog ointment which puts a coating over the ulcer and cleared it up in about 3 days. Hope it might help you.

  • Man, that is old school! Can't be beat.

  • Hi

  • Thank you!

  • Lynn ur very special to me and so are my fellow comrades in England!

  • You too! X

  • Mary thank you! GODSPEED to Y'all in England!

  • Hi there

    I suffer with mouth ulcers all the time along with burning tongue and yellow coating on my tongue and they diagnosed it as a mouth thrush. I now take Nastatin 4 x daily and its really helped!

    Good luck 🍀 x

  • Aww bless you. My new consultant asked me if I get constant mouth ulcers which thankfully I don't. I should of asked why he was asking. Is it lack of something

  • I guess he was thinking of Sjögrens syndrome. Typical for that illness and Sjögrens often go together with APS and Thyroidea and can be difficult to find as we can have it even if our antibodies for it are negative.


  • Yes Kerstin my oral surgeon told me today my Sjogrens was active& Acyclovir not going to help me! She thinks I cared to c someone but not sure whom??? As always in USA we r way behind the U.K.! One day it may be clear but I doubt in my lifetime! I've been under extreme stress lately with the human race, if u can even call people human and busy with my husbands sickness and have a mentally challenged son with similar issues as hubby! I am so busy I forget my shots and my meds! I'm terrible with memory! I will get back to normal soon! My hubby finished with cancer treatments and has 50/50 chance of survival! I work with leg or no leg and do everything myself! Not a happy camper lately! Around too many selfish people and need to be alone! They all still think I'm superwoman and can take care of them all! I've decided not to answer my phone or talk to these very shallow people we call humans! GODSPEED

  • Hi Deb,

    One thing is that you must never forget your shots and meds!

    I wish you health!



  • Thank you Debbie.


  • I live in Manhattan. Thinking of all and praying for all victims of terrorist attacks. United we stand with you and sending hugs

    I take Lysine at the first sign of any mouth ulcers and that has saved me from the pain and the outcropping of more. I take at least 1,000 mgs or more 3 times a day until first signs of ulcers are gone.

  • Wow I'm on Long Island just a stones throw from Manhattan!!! I'm waiting for out next attack any day now! GODSPEED

  • We're ok one day at a time-thinking positive.

  • Hi debs and thank you for your concern,terror is a horrid thing . I use Aloe vera juice to rinse my mouth, it seems to help because like you my tongue gets very sore when i eat certain things. All the best Elfie

  • Is the aloe Vera considered a green?

  • Is aloe Vera considered a green? Curious for knowledge. Thx

  • Thx Ellie! GODSPEED

  • I can't take Nistatan or kenelog, but I've heard af aloe Vera! I'm at point that I've had this for 6?weeks along with Neuralgia and they don't go away! The only thing that helps is the Cognac on my gums it numbs them and tastes prett darn good at the same time!!! Lol...

  • I have been getting these about 3 times a year for the past few years. it is like the insides of my cheeks and the front lower lip - when I brush my teeth. Normally I always rinse with listerine but that shoots pain through my mouth. I have discovered Colgate peroxyl, I think it is, rinse with that every am after brushing for 4 or 5 days and the problem is history.

  • Thx are u from USA??? Sounds like u are

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