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I'm 9 months post of being diagnosed with APS. I actually had a stroke & this is how my APS was found. I was perfectly healthy or at least I thought. With this said I have to have a root canal. As we all know our Drs have not made this disease their top prority (only because it's just not a common disease) but my Drs are learning more & more! What is the best advice on stopping my blood thinner for this procedure? Anyone else had this dilema? I'm so scared to go off my Warfarin even for a day ;(

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  • I suggest that you speak with your APS specialist about stopping your blood thinner.

  • Thank You!

  • Google Dr Tom Levy and see what he has to say about root canals. He is a heart doctor and lawyer who has discovered the great benefits of high dose vitamin c.

    You may following some reading, want to revise your thoughts on root canals.

    But the previous commentor is correct. If you decide to proceed with the root canal you will need to come of warfarin for a while and anti coagulate with something like heparin shots for a while.

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  • I'm not on Warfarin (Rivaroxaban) and had to stop this 24 hours prior to an extraction and commence 6 hours after. I may be wrong but is there any bleeding with root canal? I thought it was deep drilling and nerve taken out? As always, check with your doctor first.

  • Yes my Dentist assured me very small amount of bleeding if any.

  • Hi I am on long term warfarin for APS and have had root canal work twice recently and don't see an issue with regard to bleeding and coming off warfarin, as someone else pointed out they drill into the middle of the tooth down into the root canal to remove the nerve. The only slightly painful bit was the injection to numb the area other than that it was completely painless during and after with no bleeding. Frankly a clean and polish would give me more problems than that. For info I keep my INR between 3.5 and 4.5.

    As always please don't rely on what I am saying this is just my personal experience but hope it is helpful.

  • Thank You ! Your response has helped eased my silly mind.

  • I have had 3 root canals no need to stop warfarin just had to stop actonel and take a course of antibiotics for 6days no problems .

  • Thank You!! ;)

  • Yep, I had a tooth extracted whilst on warfarin - the dentist just requested I had my INR checked the same day or previous day to ensure it was between 2-3. It was simple and not excessively bloody!!!

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  • My husband also found out he had APS after suffering 2 strokes and recently had a tooth extracted. As in the previous post the dentist just asked him to get his INR checked the day before and take his yellow book. So I should check with dentist as probably no need to stop warfrin.

  • Thanks so much!!!

  • Hi There with my root canal I didn't have to stop warfarin. Check with your dentist what their procedure is. I do suggest take an iPod to listen to during the procedure 😊

  • Yes they are quite lengthy!!

  • Check out Hughes Syndrome Foundation website and their factsheets. Pretty sure they have one on dental procedures/hospitals.

  • Yes well said, here it is:


  • Thanks Mary! You are Wonderful!!!

  • I just did that, Thanks for that info. Feeling better about this.

  • Lots of people are on warfarin, though most for heart issues. So your dentist has probably treated patients before you who took blood thinners. See what his protocol is, then run that by your APS doctor -- the one who diagnosed you and/or the one monitoring your INR -- and see if that's OK. If not, let the doctor and the dentist slug it out.

  • Lol! Yes sometimes there are battles.

  • I had a wisdom tooth out iv got APStoo and did not know till after I had a stroke I had a blood test done that moring and my INR was fine I was ok and I was always never Ill at all befour but you will be fine x

  • Thank You!!! For the encouragement also ;)

  • I had dental implant surgery last year. And have had other similar minor procedures over the 13 years since I, too, had a stroke and then found I had APS. I did not have to go completely off warfarin for any of them. Instead, I gradually reduced my INR to about 2. The procedures went off without any problem. I have ever gone completely off warfain for small procedures.

  • Thank You, this info makes me feel better!!!

  • whoever prescribes u comadin has to decide how many days off before dental work.. usually a day or two

  • My Dentist, Pm & Rhemotoglists are all telling me to stay on my Warfarin saying very little bleeding. We will see tomorrow! My opinion I think I would feel safer on it.

  • My experience is that these days dentists are happy to most procedures, including extractions, when your INR is not above three. Years ago it was a case of three days in hospital but they are more enlightened now.

  • As you can see you should not be worried about this and should speak to your Dr and Dentist about your INR to see if bridging is necessary. Good Luck!

  • Thank You! Ended up going today for a root canal but tooth was too damaged. I was sent to Oral Surgeon for extraction. I was really nervous but I chose just to only have a local & not be sedated. The tooth came out fine & minimal bleeding. Of course I did not have time to be off of the warfarin. That somewhat was a little scary but did great!!

  • Wonderful! Now you can relax as its all over and I hope you feel better soon!

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