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Platelets clumping on blood test

Hello everyone,

My daughter is nearly 16 and I watch her like a hawk, scared she will get APS or some other autoimmune disease. So far she is quite healthy. One thing that bothers me is we can never get a full platelet count because they clump together. The sample has to be "spinned" to get her platelet count which is normal. Has anyone else ever had this or know what might cause platelets to clump. Doctors are not concerned at all but after experiencing multiple misdiagnosis myself, I don't always trust what docs say.


Carmen in perth australia

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I know the advice with the tests done in the UK, which I list below, is that it is better to do them at the hospital lab, as they are time sensitive if they hang around, so better to do them at the hospital, rather than a GP surgery where they may hang around for a collection.

Get them to do all three of these tests.



Thank you Mary, will do. Makes sense what you say.


Who is ordering the blood tests? Is the GP familiar with APS? Has she actually been tested for APS? If they are time sensitive they should be marked urgent and taken to the lab ASAP. Sometimes as a mother you have to be a pain in the butt and get an answer. There are a few labs here on the east coast but I know for anything sensitive my Rheumy prefers a particular lab and compares with last results. I had a quick look and there is one in Osborne Park and one in Bunbury. They should also be able to bulk bill any tests if your GP marks them as B/Bill.

Hope this helps.


Hi oz chick

The blood tests are your standard full blood count docs order for everyone. I asked specifically for it along with Vit D & iron levels. It's my local GP, definitely no APS specialist. There isn't one in perth. My daughter is quite healthy, in comparison to me at the same age. My own experience is warning signs can show up in blood tests years before any autoimmune disease symptoms appear. If your healthy, docs are not concerned with any anomolies on tests. Her platelet clumping may be something, maybe not! Next test I'll do at hospital so no time delays. Thanks for your advice. :-)



My platelets clump every blood draw; once a month. For me it's not been a big problem. I tell them I'm a "clumper" prior to the draw and they treat it differently. I don't think it is something to worry about too much.


Hi Hughes comrade, were you a clumper before APS diagnosis. ? My gut feeling is she is ok but I'm a person that needs to know why...

Thanks for your feedback




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