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lupus anticoagulant

Thanks-you for all your support and acceptance over the past few weeks. I tested negative for lupus anticoagulant. So now I have a positive and a negative. I'm retesting again in the middle of July. I'm still on a once a day aspirin regiment. I visited your wonderful country seven times and it was always a great experience but I've learned never to walk up the underground stairs on the right hand side. I even had sunshine for five consecutive days. Thanks again from a friend across the pond.

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As we have stated many times on this Forum, antibodies tend to go from positive to negative and vice versa. This does not mean that you don't have the condition which should not be diagnosed solely on a blood test!

You need to try and find a Doctor who is willing to take everything into consideration, clinical history, current symptoms, family history as well as past and present blood tests. In short the whole picture.

Be firm and stick to your guns and equip yourself with as much information as you may need to educate gently those that may need it! x


I agree with my colleague.



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