Good morning every peoples

Well today I'm very excited I'm going to see the Hughes specialist in my area - it's took lots of battling to get to see her but I got there eventually I really hope she can help me - she's a Hughes and lupus specialist so instead of going between loads of different departments I can hopefully get everything covered in the one place - I can't however think of any questions to ask but I think I'll just roll with it and see what happens - my brain fog this morning has made me proper dizzy so I'm taking my mum between the two of us I should be able to take everything in

I shall update things once I've seen her

wishing you all a happy Friday

Beverley x

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  • Good luck hope all goes well.

  • Good Luck from Stockholm!!


  • Good news, travel well and I hope you get some good answers that improve your medical care. MaryF

  • I've no idea what tests are being done but 12 vials of blood have been taken from me to test me thoroughly - I'm also being given an appointment for an MRI scan before they determine whether I need any stronger pain meds and whether the hydroxychloroquine is doing its job - I'm being referred onto the nurse to give me some help to control my symptoms rather than just cope with them - left the hospital feeling very relieved that I'm being tested properly and so far being cared for properly - my next appointment isn't until July cos the MRI scan can take a while but hopefully by then I'll have even more clarity as to what's going on and the proper support 😊 thank you all for your well wishes

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