Tooth extracted

Having tooth out on Monday

My usual dentist didn't want to do it as I'm on warfrin target of 4

Found a dentist willing to do it but having to go to st Thomas hostipital Monday morning to get Venus Inr

Even though I self test ! Wants my Inr as low as possible but if I go below Inr of 3 have to take fragmine injections.

Can I have tooth taken out if my warfrin fills below 3 and I go on to fragmine???

Had major stroke 2011 and lots of amourus fugax things

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  • It does sound to me as if the dentist has done this before, and is merely dotting the i's, others on here have had similar procedures and will answer you. I have not,. Good luck and well done on moving your appointment forward. MaryF

  • Its best for you to get your inr as low as possible, to reduce risk of haemorage, as soon as your dentist allows start the fragmin & take daily until your inr is back up to 4. Previous surgery I had - this was the procedure for me (I had the injection whilst in recovery). Good luck for Monday.

  • Thanks for your useful reply. MaryF

  • I am having an extraction soon and my dentist won't do it over 3.5 and would prefer less than 3.0. I will bridge with heparin as I have done before for likes of endoscopies by stopping warfarin three or so days before . I will use heparin in the morning/s but not on morning of procedure- best to have a morning appt just in case there is a bleed. All being well,will restart heparin and warfarin within a few hours. My dentist says there is a limit set in law , 3.5? Over which she cannot do an extraction. I have agreed my arrangements with my GP and dentist. Good luck. PS Look at the dentist leaflet available on this site.

  • A dentist in the community cannot take out a tooth if the INR is above 4. They are also required to have an accurate INR reading done, preferably,in the 24hrs prior to the procedure. In asking you to attend the hospital the dentist is simply ensuring your safety. With respect to bridging etc, you should talk to your GP about how best to manage your anti-coagulation. Good luck.

  • Keep searching for a dentist to work with you on future problems. I found one that extracted the remainder of my teeth (16) WITHOUT compromising my Warfarin. The case I made to convience was that he would rather POTENTIAL not guaranteed gum bleed he could control with pressure than a stroke or PE in his chair. He agreed and had me test that morning to insure I was within my range of 2.5-3.5.

  • Another thing I've done in the past to assure dentists of their non-liability was to sign a waver.

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