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Professor Karim Meeran or Professor S. L. Chew? (Endocrinology)


Could please, anyone PM me re. if you saw one of them and if your experience was positive and if positive, in what way? I would be most grateful if you would be able to let me know for what you went to see him for (e.g. autoimmune / pituitary / thyroid etc)?

Many thanks in advance !! x x x

PS APSnotFab, would it be okay to PM you if you happened to have seen one of them, if it's okay to ask this, please? (I seem to have seen you asking for a similar question sometimes in the past) xx

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I remember you have asked if you should see Prof Hughes himself. Salty advised you to see him some months ago.

If I were you and suspected I had APS or Lupus and also lived in England and had the possibility, I would never wait a second. He might refer you to one of the above or another specialist. He is a wise man and I have heard he is very nice also.

Good luck from Kerstin

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Hi Lure

Sorry, forgot to add that these are endocrinologists!!! lol

I must add this in my OP.

Kind Regards,


Ive sent you a PM Omega!


Fantastic, thank you so much!! :) :) :) xxx


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