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Hello. The Hughes Syndrome Foundation is thinking of expanding and purchasing stock to raise more money. We would like to ask members of Health Unlocked for some ideas and their views. We have limited resources to use as capital to invest in stock and VERY limited storage space (boxes of goods would have to share the broom cupboard that is Kate's office!). These are some ideas we have had for items that we could then adorn with the HSF logo, for purchase: coasters, notepads, fridge magnets, tape measures, post-it notes.......... you get the idea - small but useful and not too expensive to produce. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you. Yvonne Wren (Administration Support Officer, Hughes Syndrome Foundation)

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  • I get the drift, things that do not take up too much room etc. How about T towels for some reasons they seem to sell well, also lightweight? MaryF

  • Good idea. We'll add it to the list. Thanks Mary.

  • also how about nice red non slip socks? MaryF

  • Another good idea!

  • Trolley fobs. The company I work for give out a keyring with the little pound shaped coin that goes in trollies. No idea of cost involved though.

  • Thanks Tinythepanda. We already have trolley fobs (see, go to Get Involved and click on Visit our shop). Great idea though. :)

  • I have seen on here someone said they printed off the Hughes syndrome logo and put it where they used to have their tax disk

    If the same sort of thing could be made and added to it some of the important problems with Hughes syndrome eg stroke, pregnancy etc

    I think would be a good way of advertising Hughes syndrome

    I would put in our car and see the nosey neibours look at it

  • Thank you Daisy. I saw the tax disc idea too on another charity website (can't remember which!) and thought it was a good idea. I tried to print one off but it was tiny! We will explore the idea. Thanks for responding. Yvonne

  • A nice designed coaster, possibly in glass or perspex with the logo "in it" rather than something cheap looking would be good. Again don't know what the manufacturing costs would be like but at least its small. Good for offices, shops etc. You can even make a bigger one into a Chopping Board!

    Also Computer Mouse Mats are always popular.

  • All great ideas. Thanks for replying. On initial investigation, the good quality coasters can be quite pricey, but you're right, we don't want anything tacky. We have only just started to explore ideas and costings and wanted views from lots of APS people. Thanks. Yvonne

  • Im in the States, so I am not sure what a "tax disc " is, but my suggestion: either a laminated card to put in one's wallet which has a cursury summary of the condition for emergency medical personnel to use. Or a key chain disc card which can be readily inserted into a computer with basic APS overview, as well as space wherein the patient might insert specifics such as GP and hematologist contact info, medications currently taken, etc.

  • Hi Gina. The tax disc existed on car windshields so the police could see at a glance if we'd paid our road tax or not! It has just been abolished (sadly only the disc, not the tax!) so someone suggested using the space to put our (hidden) medical info. such as warfarin (Coumadin) use, in case of accident. There are already many different ways of carrying medical alert information out there (I have an SOS bracelet containing ALL relevant info, a car sticker, a wallet card and a safety belt pack), but none with a specific APS logo, so thanks for that idea. Yvonne

  • I think it would be a great idea to laminate the self help diet lists of foods that have high,low and average Vitamin K content. I keep the lists on my fridge with a fridge magnet but i am forever knocking them off as i look through the pages so it would be good to have a smaller version you could keep in your bag when out shopping/going out for a meal etc and something I could just glance at on the fridge! The idea could be extended for any other flat surface such as place mats. Also a simple recipe book ...maybe a few of us could all contribute a favourite recipe that was hughes friendly, gluten free etc ??

  • Hi Krysty. Thanks for your ideas. I've made a note of them ready to discuss and work out costings etc. Yvonne

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