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From doctors to professors

I know not everyone will know these doctors but, for those that do, I thought you might like to know that both Dr Munther Khamashta and Dr David D'Cruz have both been made Professors.

Great news for us who know how hard they work and that they deserve this recognition. They are both trustees and medical advisors for the Hughes Syndrome Foundation and we are very lucky to have them on board.

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This is the best of news, do please pass on congratulations from this forum! Mary F x


kate- i have read of dr.khamashta in some of my books on aps ,this is good news ------------------------ jet


Wonderful news! I hope they don't go off and leave us now though ;-(

He's my Doctor I shall have to give him an extra special smile when I see him!! ;-)


Fantastic news, congrats to both. Hugs sheena Xxxx :-)


Being a lecturer myself I know what a great honour it is to gain a Professorship - congratulations to both of the new Profs.


Well deserved and long overdue in my opinion. Dr K is the reason I have two kids to run me ragged and nothing has ever been too much trouble for him, including co-ordinating my care with my team here in Madrid.

Please tell him from his 'family' in Madrid that we think he is the bestest ever and are very proud that he has been so involved in my care.

The best thing is that when I say Prof Hughes diagnosed me and Dr K treated me no one here in Spain ever bothers questioning my diagnosis or treatment plans :-)



Yay this is great I'm under Dr Decruz pass our congrats on to both of them.


I am over the moon for Munther Khamashta he is so deserving of this title.

His work for this illness is tireless and I was only thinking the other day that he should be given a Professorship.

On a personal note I do not know what I would have done if I hadn't made the decision to consult him in 2009, I could even not be here.

Thanks to you Kate for suggesting that I go to London Bridge and thanks to the girls in the office there for recommending him to me.

Congratulations Munther (AKA Professor Munther Khamashta)

Congratualtions also to Dr D'Cruz



This is excellant news. Well deserved, Prof Khamashta was my consultant as was Prof Hughes, but for some reason i was changed to Dr Davies. Thanks to Prof Hughes who i saw in his private clinic in 2005 was diagnosed with APS/Sjogrens/lupus. after many doctors thought i had nothing wrong. So pleased for them. Please do not leave the unit now, as i travel from East Yorkshire to St Thomas's to get the correct care, which is in short supply where we come from. WELL DONE, TO Muntha Khamashta & Dr D'Cruz .



I am so happy for them. I have read alot from Dr Khamashta and of course Dr. Hugthes. I only wish that I did not live in the states so I could see such wonderful physicians. Well done!


Well done both Profs this is great news and well deserved now with them being Profs does this mean they have more clout in the medical field !!!

Well done really well deserved



Congratulations to them both. Don't know Dr D'Cruz but Dr Khamashta is fantastic and nothing is to much trouble for him. Well deserved.

He's fighting Marks corner and boy does he need it!!



What does this mean? I am from the US and don't understand


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