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An article from The Daily Telegraph/Thyroid and the importance on not relying on TSH test

An informative article here and quite rightly the very hard working charity Thyroid UK get a timely mention, many of us with Thyroid issues are members of their forum on the HU platform, and vice versa.

So many of us with either over active or underactive Thyroid problems are told that our TSH is fine and not to worry.... it does rather remind me of other tests when patients clearly have a condition and the blood tests are not totally reliable. It is so important to take a clinical history!


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:) xxx


Thanks Mary this is very interesting.


AND..... I appear to have internet again! MaryFx


Mine is very intermittent here in the Gloucester Hills!


Hi Mary. Over the past year or so I have read your posts regarding the thyroid with interest. I have always wondered about mine but past tests (for TSH and T4) have been within range, although on the low side. I now have a different GP and think she will only offer TSH. Have you any suggestions for how I might persuade her otherwise? And should T3 always be tested, too? (my previous GP simply told me that he wouldn't do this one as the health board would be on his back!) To what extent is Thyroid UK's position marginal at present, amongst the medical community? Does it have high profile consultant support in some quarters? If so, that might swing it for me - or at least I might then be able to pay for private tests and my GP will consider the results. Many thanks indeed for any suggestions you might have.


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