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Stroke risk tied to cold, humidity & weather swings


As I get older, I keep having to unlearn many of the things I was taught early on. For example, as a child I was taught that what appears to be sinus pressure headaches that happen when storms are approaching (large weather swings) are never related to strokes. New studies dispute that idea.

"Each 5-degree increase in daily temperature fluctuation (the highest reading minus the lowest one) raised the chance of stroke hospitalization by 6 percent. Each 5-degree rise in the dew point (humidity) raised the risk by 2 percent."

Here is the link to the article:

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Thank you for the interesting read. MaryF

All of us who have had to grudgingly agree that the crazy-sounding relationship between barometric pressure changes and arthritis pain are nodding our heads in agreement. Yes. Weather does effect health through as yet poorly understood mechanisms.

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