A really positive post about Hughes Syndrome/APS written and loaded onto HSF Facebook page by Kate H

Well done to brave Rianne for battling on following her stroke due to APS, and gaining a place at Aston university to study biomedical science. It must have been terribly disappointing for her to have her Olympic swimming dreams dashed at such a young age, but we applaud her strength to carry on despite such adversity - an inspiration for us all getwestlondon.co.uk/news/lo...

(my own footnote), it is great to note this positive post to balance out the ones we often get to hear about which are not uplifting, this is a great story.


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  • I agree with you Mary. What a story and what strength. This illness convinced her she wanted to become a Doctor and be able to help others.

    I wish her luck! Kerstin

  • It is so important to load all the good ones up as much as the less positive outcomes as we are all striving to improve diagnosis, outcome and living life to the full for everybody. MaryFx

  • You are absolutely right! Kerstin .

  • How, what a lovely story.

    Dave xx

  • Great news.. perhaps they should fast track her training with us helping so she can look after us all. MaryFx

  • I'm happy with that. xx

  • This is an inspiring story thank you Mary F.

  • What a wonderful, encouraging story Want to hear so many more of these from young and older survivors.

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