A post by KateH off the HSF Facebook page: Infertility and testing in pregnancy

I thought it would be a good idea to put this on here:

New research indicates that fertility problems are caused by antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL), and the researchers propose that all women going for IVF treatment should be screen for aPL before they start treatment. This is because their study found that 20% of the patients they tested had aPL - clearly a very high proportion.

Please share with anyone you know who may be trying for a baby - thank you!



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  • Thank you my niece is having problems with getting pregnant, I will show her this, I think she is waiting to have ivf

  • A good idea. MaryF

  • I feel very strongly about this issue. I tried for 3.5 years before falling pregnant, randomly one month after taking oil of evening primrose - which acts as a mild anti-coagulant so I am told. This is before I knew I had the lupus anticoagulant. Sadly that pregnancy was riddled with complications and ended in still birth - prior to diagnosis. Then, on aspirin I fell pregnant straight away. What a coincidence after 3.5 years of nothing!!! Sadly then 2 miscarriages but after heparin I've experienced a normal pregnancy. To me this is firm evidence that APS causes primary infertility. Blood thinning aids conception in my view. My haemotologist Dr Perry who is now listed on the APS specialist list is the first consultant I've met who says APS causes infertility. He also said this is the last thing that would have been investigated had we had fertility tests. I've since heard of many people through friends and acquaintances who have this sticky blood so it isn't rare. It is so frustrating how little doctors know about its prevalence!

  • Hopefully the awareness will keep spreading. MaryF

  • We have had this problem and it is good to know that the reason was this. But now we are too old. :)

  • I feel so lucky that I lived near St Thomas' Hospital and was able to have three children, even though I was never told I had Hughes Syndrome, with my various clots, due to being Seronegative! MaryF

  • We have also three children, but never needed to use contraception. We are grateful for all of them!

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