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Has anyone ever felt bullied at work?

I have worked since I was 15, 30 years and since being diagnosed 16 years ago have managed to remain in full time employment as a field manager for a well known retail company. My job can be stressful and is very target focussed. It hasn't been without its troubles as with my memory I find it difficult to digest the amount of information received on a daily basis, but I have my own technics and ways to help with this as best I can! I am not the best time keeper, always feel like I'm on catch up all the time. Despite these setbacks, I work extremly hard, long hours and always score very highly year in and year out - in fact last year was top of my region! During my career i have achieved many awards and goals that i am very proud of. I love working, and though it can be hard at times, I honestly believe it has had more benefits to my health than setbacks.

Couple of years ago a new line Manager was appointed, and in 30 years of employment I have never been so unhappy :( I have worked for many different managers and different styles.

Following time off work following a flare up (must add - I have not had much time off work) his whole attitude has changed towards me, he makes remarks such as "should I be working with my condition?"and many similar remarks - he puts me on performance action plans without justifications, he undermines me and belittles me in front of other team members, to the point that some other colleagues are now joining in and I'm made to feel like a joke! My Manager tells me that people say I am scatty! There are too many things to list!

I decided a couple of months ago to file a grievance against this Manager, which was not successful, even though another one of my team members has had to move regions and also put in a grievance against the same Manager for bullying & harrassment - we both have our appeals coming up.

I have never felt so low & alone, I have always been highly respected at work - how can one person have done this??

I made a choice 16 years to continue work and feel I will probably have to leave, NOT because of my capabilities as I know I am an assett to the company and achieving good results!

Sorry this is so long! I just needed to get if of my chest and was interested to know if anyone else had experienced anything similar?

xxxx :) xxxx

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I am really sorry to hear about the plight you are in. There are definitely others on here who have been bullied at work, lack of understanding etc etc. Also some personalities seem to lean towards having power trips with people.

I remember years ago.. my frequent visits to a local retailer for shopping led me to notice that certain bad tempered oiks on the tills, were fairly chatty at times and vaguely helpful.. however once they had completed this phase and been told to wear a navy blue suit and have management dinners upstairs in the stores, they appeared to have a change for the worse... this came to a head one afternoon, when I could not keep my trap shut......a specimen as described as above was applying labels to bananas in a very official manner... as in 'small bananas' and the next row 'large bananas' he then hovered over what can only have been described as a heap of overly spotted and blackened bananas fit for the compost heap, he was getting ready to label them... I asked what are you going to call them, S's crap bananas? A predictable lack of humour and I was asked to shop elsewhere.

People will answer you on here, and some have been through similar procedures, just remember that these company or institutional procedures almost appear designed to wear the complainee down, and you are not well. Hold your head up high,.

I hope others grass them up. Mary F


Hi Bridget,

Welcome to the group, feeling like you are being bulllide is not a nice situation to be in, have you spoken to or do you have a union representative you may want to talk to ACAS to get some support and advice you also need to keep a journal of things this manager is doing who was there so when you give evidenec they can call the correct people.

You can also follow the companies bullying and harressment policy which all organisations should have so you can follow that. If you want any supoport or information let me know and i will email you some information.




Hi there

My daughter also got bullied at work and the worst place for gossip is an office they can be so nasty with their comments she broke her ankle in 3 places and when she finally got back to work the women ignored her so after 5 years of giving her all to a world renowned company at the age of 28 she gave up her very well paid job and went back to college to do a photography coarse she has no money but to see her smile is everything sometimes a change is as good as a rest please don't let this upset you life is just to short babe threaten them with the tribunal maybe it will get them off your back then x



If you are aware of factural instances where the "Manager" has messed up you should write this down and use any evidence that you have. Write down a history diary of all the instances where he he has bullied you, any emails print them off as evidence.

Join a union NOW if you are not already in one. Bulliying is one area that unions are great in helping staff...

Little victories, little victories, remember you have done nothing wrong.. You are disabled and have disability working rights, discrimination act is on your side.... I think your Manager is in for one hell of a shock!!

Keep us posted!

You will be ok dont give in!!!!!



Very well said. Mary F x


Hi Bridget, Ive been in your shoes! its not nice is it? I was put on performance action plans for over a year and every time I met them they would make an excuse to find another one. After the last one I was given the jobI wanted that ruled out a particular part of my job that I found difficult (because they were refusing to make the reasonable adjustments), allowed me to go on leave, which they had stopped me doing while on the performance plans and when I came back found somebody new sitting at my desk who I had never seen before, all my stuff packed up and told the job had been stopped due to funding! I stuck it for about two more weeks of the next performance plan and went sick and never returned.

So I feel for you. Gary is right, join the union if there is one and ask for a meeting with the rep immediately. Do not attend any meetings with anyone without them in attendance.

My feeling is this Manager sees you as a threat. Bullying is actually against the law. Make a point of asking your HR for a copy of the bullying and discrimination policy even though you can probably look it up, by asking for it you are sending them subtle message.

Note down every conversation you have with this manager. Keep a diary. keep copies of emails and letters as you will need them if you end up going to tribunal as I did. Get as much evidence as you can now. The reason you need to do this is because if you go to tribunal you only have a very short time to lodge it. My guess will be that they may keep the decision of the grievance hanging in order that you miss this date. For that reason you may have to lodge it and then remove it later. Its an old trick employers use. As a matter of interest how long is it since you started the grievance proceedure exactly? I believe its 3 months less 1 day from the date of the offence to get the application in for tribunal.

If there is no union you can join you can call ACAS or better still you can call the EHRC. They will also advise you too.

The most important thing to remember every time you see this manager is that he is an A--E!!! You are in the right and just look at him and imagine him looking like a four year old because thats what he's acting like. Be pleasant, smile, pretend everything is fine and above all do not let him see what he is doing to you - easier said than done I know.

PM me if you want more details or help.


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