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Sensation of brain vibration? Has anyone experienced this?

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I was sitting on the ground listening to family talk when I started to get very dizzy, & fuzzy I had the sensation that my brain was vibrating & I was about to black out. It lasted just under 10 seconds, I don't think anyone noticed. Seconds later I felt fine. Not sure if its related but I have had increased nausea & lost most of my appetite. I have had many odd things happen before but this was a first. Any ideas what may have caused this? I've never heard of this before. Has anyone experienced this? I have an appointment with the dr tomorrow.

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I too have the issue of the problem with the head. To me it feels like pins and needles, I have to sit down for fear of passing out. I don't know what causes it, but its nice to know I am not alone. Good luck with doctor, take care. Sam :-(

(Insert major shrug of shoulders here.). Could be many things. Some of my TIAs felt this way, but also this happens when winter dry indoor air dries out my ears too much. I have learned to use ear drops once or twice a week in winter. So, in my experience-- could be serious. Could be quite miner. Good luck.

I get something similar to this, more like someone is squeezing or pinching my brain. It lasts for a few seconds and goes away. I do not feel nausea with it, but it is VERY disconcerting. My hematologist said that it is an APLS symptom.

Thank you. My GP seems to think it may be a cardiac/oxygen to the brain thing. I am wearing a heart monitor for 2 weeks to try to catch a similar event. I didn't even think about my heart I guess I was assuming it was nuro or TIA related. Whatever it was it scared me, I've never felt anything like that. Ill keep you posted.

I get this also - it feel to me like my brain is expanding or is been squeezed. I do not get any nausea associated with this. I used to get this almost every day but now it only happens occasionally.

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