Meeting in Staffordshire / Derbyshire :)

Meeting in Staffordshire / Derbyshire :)

Hi, I'm holding a meeting / support group for the Staffordshire / Derbyshire area and it's the 1st meeting this's on the 11th April at The Stanhope Arms ( )

It will start at 6pm and there are meals available if any fancied having food too! it's very nice normally there & reasonably priced & Costa!! :)

If anyone wants anymore information please feel free to ask, please let me know if you would like to join us by the beginning of the month, hopefully get to see some of you there.

It's always good to talk to other Hughies & give each other support & advice.....& a general chin wag!! :) xx

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  • I would come if I live nearer, best of luck, have a great time, and it reminds me I must get mine off the ground, had plenty of interest. MaryF x

  • Would have been nice if you could have but understand due to distance :) x

  • Can I attend via land line phone !!!!--To bad it couldn't be live video !!! and people could call in questions :-) :-) :-)-- what do you think sis ??????

  • Lol....would be a great idea bud! hey maybe we can sort something out?! get back to you with that one :) x

  • If the pub has free wifi I could try setting something up, no promises, do any of you use skype or face time?

  • I have Skype set up on mine but not sure if jet will have? have to find out! :)

  • I'm afraid I wont be able to attend. My hubby doesn't get home from work until 6 and as its a good hour from when I live (excluding traffic) there's not way could make it :-( Hope you all have a great time.

    Kate xx

  • That's a shame.....wonder if theres any one else nearby that would also be coming that couyld do a pick up on the way? just a thought :) x

  • It's not the getting there its more I need him to be home to look after the girls :-) (he cycles to and from work you see) xxx

  • Well if you ever cant make the meetings & want to meet up another time let me know whens best for you & we can do that :) x

  • Thanks Hun :-) x

  • Hi there, just found this forum. I was diagnosed on Friday after a number of blood tests over the last few months since an episode of unprovoked pulmonary embolisms before Christmas. I am interested in attending the meeting and shall try to be there, as it will be reassuring to speak to others also diagnosed with APS.

  • That would be great if you could, look forward to seeing you there if you can make it :) where are you from?

  • Hi again, got the wrong Stanhope Arms originally and thought it was in Ilkeston! It's definitely the one in Bretby, near Burton-upon-Trent isn't it (DE15 0PU)? I will be travelling from the Tamworth area.

  • Oops..yes its the Bretby, Burton on Trent one :) will be lovely to see you :) x

  • Not long now guys, I'm not sure of who can def' make it...but how ever many will attend I will still be there....I'll add a pic' of me on here so you will recognize me when you get there! :)

  • Hi would love to meet up, but live in Sheffield which is a bit of a trek for me and I don't finish work till 7pm. Have fun xx

  • Aaaahhh that's a shame.....well if you change your mind you can always make a weekend of it as many could if they would like as its a premier inn & stay over! ;)

    If anyone did I could always meet them there for breakfast too the next day as they do a brill breckie!! then show them around Burton On Trent....just a thought :) x

  • Hi again, just to confirm that I will definitely be attending! It is still going ahead isn't it? Look forward to meeting you tomorrow! :)

  • Was lovely to meet up with you yesterday :-D

    Wow finding replys & messages can be difficult at times on here!! Just took me 20mins to look and find this one?!

    Hope to meet up again at next meeting...maybe around August time :-D

    If you want to chat before then you now have my details so feel free or I can meet you if you come down to Burton again....

    I hope I helped somehow even if it was just talking to another hughie?

    Take care, speak soon, Sue x

  • Hi Sue, we really enjoyed the evening - thank you for your friendly and warm welcome. It was great to meet both of you and I look forward to the next meeting

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