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Staffordshire meeting!

If I was to become a group leader for my area......who of you all would be able to be able to meet up with me ?

It would be at The Stanhope on the Ashby road / A511.

It is also a premier Inn if anyone wanted to enquire stopping over it it helped?

I'm hoping there might be a least a few of us able to do this as it's great to talk to each other & have a moan about it all! it does us good to not to feel alone with Hughes.

Sue xx

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Hi sue

ide definately be there. Have answered on Hughes foundation forum as well. Go for it hon. Take care gentle hugs love Jessielou x x x x x x x x


:) great, you know you are welcome to call me anytime you feel like talking or meeting up anyway , it's great to know there's another 'Hughie' so near! :)


Hi all,

When Sue and I met up couple of weeks ago, think we talked solid for about 3 hours. we obviously have loads in common, Can`t wait to meet up again.

I guess what I`m saying is come on folks if you live in Staffs, Derbys, or like me in Leics, it would be fantastic if you all come along. We quite nice really and I promise we wont bite, (our rather large collectionof furry critters we have between us might).

The bonus is they serve c------! coffee at the Stanhope, so don`t have to drink alcohol which makes me very silly, ( wasted on half a lager). Partner says cheap night out, he`s cheeky g--!.

Anyway I digress do come along love to meet more hughies!!!!!

Take care, gentle hugs love Jessielou xxxxxxxxxx

Ps sure Sue will post day and time or pm me and will let you know when!!!!


Hi again I`m very silly tonight, new meds playing havoc with me. Even if you live further away the Stanhope is a premier inn so could stay the night.

Take care gentle hugs Jessielou xxxxxxxx


lol....you're funny when you're on extra meds!! :)

I too act even worse when on Tramadol....& only allowed that flaming 1 unit because of warfarin.......but apparently I'm nutty & act like I'm drunk anyway!!

yep def' pm me or Jess for more info.......& if I take on the role of 'my area' leader I will put those dates on of the meetings too :)

Take care all of you xx


Hi Sue

I know mad as a march hare, lol, usually am such a sane person (NOT)!!!

I went across pub last night, the one we taking in over in week or so, I had half then went on coke (cola) Shaking so much i`m sure they all think i`m an alcoholic. No, seriously they do know i`m poorly, so will make allowances for the mad landlady.

Hoping all having a good day today.

Take care, gentle hugs love Jessielou xxxxxxxx


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