I feel the need for a quick rant!

I feel the need for a quick rant!

In August the appointment with my Rheumy was cancelled because I hadn’t had all the tests he wanted doing completed – fair enough. In September I had another stroke so missed my appointment as I was in hospital. October – cancelled yet again as all tests still hadn’t been completed. Today guess what....yep appointment cancelled an hour before I was due to go because I still have an outstanding echocardiogram. So I’m flipping cheesed off to put it mildly. Ok rant over I feel better now - thanks everyone! :) xxx

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  • Well Im not surprised I would be too - cheesed off that is!! I think you need a big hug ((O)) So we need to make a plan as clearly this situation cant go on.

    1. Can you call the Hospital where the echo needs doing and book in your test?

    2. When you have that date can you call the Rheumy department and reschedule that long awaited appointment! Hopefully they will then have no reason to cancel it again especially if you point out to them that it was the third time you have tried to have it!!

    Good Luck and please let us know how you get on. x

  • Hi APsnotFab - nearly sorted! I'm having the echocardiogram on the 29th of this month. Then depending on the results I will either have an immediate appointment with the Rheumy, the same day in fact, or will have to wait a couple of weeks to be slotted in. Thanks for your support. It makes all the difference to know that when I need a hug I can turn to this site. A big hug winging its way to you too!!!! :D xxx

  • Well ta! Thats was lovely!! :-) x

  • Yes to the advice offered above and a stiff and clear letter to them from yourself with detail re all the appointments which have gone wrong for you, if they read it in one letter, they have to digest it and do something positive in your direction! Mary F x

  • I agree with you Mary that it certainly needs bringing to their attention. Here in Spain you can do something called a "denunciar" which very basically means that you denounce (point the finger at) the person/s or department concerned. When this is done in writing it is a legal requirement that it is investigated and if necessary action taken. My husband, who incidentally is Spanish, thinks we should take this route as we are both sick and tired of being treated so badly. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Thanks for taking the time to reply. xxx

  • Cor....I think we over here need to take a leaf out of Spain's book! I like the sound of that "denunciar" as l like doing a bit of finger pointing at times and with a bit of wagging to boot!! The best bit is the fact its a legal document...now I wonder why the NHS hadn't thought of that....hmmm!

  • Im not surprised your fed up with it all!

    Its been a real pain in the a**e!!!

    I agree to all the above & your idea sounds like a good approach, I wish you all the best & hope you stay well now xx

  • Thanks Suzypawz xxx

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