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Last night I sauntered out for dinner, when I came back I found a grinning tabby tiger looking very pleased with herself, having found that she could sit bolt up right with her paws splayed out on my lap top. She is 18 and had taken it upon herself to do some mountaineering to reach this lap top, set up on top of quite a high window sill. So, somehow she has changed my email settings, and blocked any email notifications from HU, so I have to come on manually and look. Having checked my blocked mail none in there, and also tried putting the notification header in my safe mailing list nothing, not a sausage. So until I can work it out, I will just have to pop on and off here.


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  • Good luck Mary

  • Thanks. MaryF

  • That's what you call a real catastrophe Mary, i bet the little rascal was on face book talking to her friends whilst you were out. Lol x

  • Actually she is gently reclined in a fluffy basket on the end of my bed with a set of grinning fangs out. MaryF

  • Aw bless her i'm a cat lover myself. This has been a real cat and mouse story i hope you get it sorted soon. :-)

  • Bless, I think she was trying to help you, she has seen how hard you work for us on this site.

  • Yes, she has just celebrated her 18th birthday and seems to have some sort of renewed vigour! MaryF

  • I do wish I were not allergic to them as I really enjoy the company of cats. And yes, I agree that she was probably emulating you -- you spend so much time fiddling with this clicky thing so it must beneficial in some way.


    ( my dogs have never expressed any interest in my clickly things. But then -- they are dogs and not nearly as curious as cats.

  • HU have now worked out what she had done, blacklisted them in spam, which has been undone now.. however I am not so sure about all the other things, Hopefully she has blocked some work I am supposed to be doing this week. MaryF

  • Spam? Really? Are you sure she can't read, write and understand user computer settings? Sounds like she may think you don't spend enough time petting her.

  • Wait till you get grandchildren! ........


  • Oh dear Mary, or should I say oh cat!

    Good luck to you fixing this problem.

    I enjoy and educate myself with all your posts.

  • All fixed now, HU came up trumps and sorted it really quickly. Pussance is in her basket! MaryF

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