No diognosis!

Hi again everyone so i saw my consultant today and after the blood the last time etc and the none lupus anticoagulant I was told today ive been tested for everything and its all came back I have something but no one knows what!!! Stressed even more now......So I had a arterial emboli and what im led to believe is my heart made it in my heart then it pinged down my I dont have DVT because it wasnt in the vein.............can anyone please shed some light on whats wrong with me and why did my heart do that is there a heart issue.

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  • Hi Kelly, where are you being treated, I guess not St Thomas's

    I had a heart attack due to arterial clot.

    Others will know more

    Wishing you well

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, im so confused about it all every time i see someone im being told something different. And hearing that on Friday has scared me.

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