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3rd primary Covid vaccination

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My first two vaccines were AZ I was expecting a reaction as I react to most things but had very little only tiredness. So had my 3rd vaccine was Pfizer today and within a few minutes my heart was racing, felt light headed and tingling in fingers and toes. I was monitored very closely and had an ECG but did eventually calm down and was allowed to go home.

Has anyone else had something similar?

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I haven't, but Pfizer is known for (more or less) immediate anaphylactic reactions - that's why (in UK at least) they insist you wait in the premises for 15mins after Pfizer, whereas for AZ you can walk straight out again.

A lot of the bigger problems, with both vaccines, only kick in after a few days - but it's not feasible to have everyone stay in the vaccination centre for several days...

I've had 3x Pfizer now, after first one I had a very definite inflammatory reaction at 5-6 days - hot / cold sweats all night (no actual fever though), racing pulse, glands all up, joint and muscle pains, etc., but I didn't take anything for it and was fine by day 7 or so. 2nd and 3rd dose I took low dose paracetamol for several days as a precaution, and had no problems (except the sore arm 3x).

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Jolevans in reply to Ray46

It’s a good job they did keep me there afterwards as I could have been driving home when I fell unwell. And it sounds as though I’ve got more side affects to come yet then.

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baba in reply to Jolevans

It used to be, still should be, standard practice after all vaccinations.

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Well done, I have not had a booster yet, nobody is quite sure for me yet, glad you had yours done ok. MaryF

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All three Pfizer vaccines- all three were ok.

Glad you settled after a awhile.

Do you also have Sjögren’s by chance?

I used to have it!

Had my 3 Pfizer 1 and 2 plus 3 were goodI did take ibuprofen and Panadol

1st jab 3 hours later I had a slight fluid leak from left ear. I wiped with a tissue and the was very small amount of blood. Then absolutely nothing. Thought must just be a coincidence

2nd no issues what so ever

3rd vax 1.5 days later middle of the night fluid from left ear again - again very slight amount of blood on a tissue, this time took a photo. Bit hot and clammy but nothing else.

So glad to have 3 shots done without any major issues. I had my third shot early because I am going to have BCell therapy very soon, where my immune system will be compromised

Good luck everyone

My first 2 were Moderna and I reacted badly to shot number 2. My booster was Pfizer, and I reacted poorly to that too.

My first two were astrazenica like you tiredness but my 3rd was Pfizer, I've felt unwell for days ackes and pains in legs,slept all weekend, headache, general felt crap since having injection also my inr has dropped again so back on enoxaparin this is the third time happened on having injection. Nightmare

I chose Astra Zeneca because I was told years ago to avoid polyethylene and the Pfizer (and I think Moderna) contains polyethylene glycol. Since I already have the ‘rare’ blood condition associated with some strokes and deaths after AZ vaccines, low platelet, high clotting risk, my haematologist monitored me on day four after the first and second shots. My low platelets dropped by 25 % and my two high antiphospholipid anbitobdies shot up from about 25% above normal to several hundred times above normal but I did not have a clot or stroke. I had my third shot (also AZ) yesterday and will have my blood monitored in three days. The only symptom so far was a shooting headache in the middle of the night, now gone. After first shot I did get tingling of lips and tongue and a slight constriction of throat. They kept me for two hours and it passed. No reaction after second shot (other than the blood). I reckoned that the risks if I got Covid were so much higher that it was worth taking the vaccine but being cautious and monitoring. Good luck everyone.

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