Exhaustion: Am I imagining this?

Do you ever feel so so tired that you just have to sit down and it's got to be quick or you think you'll fall down? When I get like this my whole body just feels so so heavy. I also have a tight feeling round my lower ribs. I could have wept with all this today - I carried on working (I work from home) but eventually gave in and had a lie down.

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  • Hi.

    Yes, I've had this symptom and sometimes I have days when I am so tired I can hardly keep awake.

    What meds are you on?

    Best wishes.

    Dave xx

  • Hi Dave thanks for replying - I'm just on the warfarin. Am thinking about asking for meds to help when I see consultant next.


  • I have really struggled this week with tiredness. Don't even have the energy to sit and watch tv or read in the evening and when I wake the next day I'm struggling to even open my eyes because I feel so shattered. Not good at all. :(

  • Welcome to the world of Autoimmunity. What I call Bone Deep Fatigue is common to all of us. In my case, it is usually accompanied by weight loss and/or constant hungry tummy grumblings. I just try to struggle through, like the rest of us here. But it can be difficult trying to explain to the Un-Autoimmune Initiated why, even though I'd like to see/hear the performance, I just don't have the energy to attend local plays and concerts like I used to. I mean, really? Staying up until past 11? And then having the presence of mind to drive home? I don't think so!

  • What a relief, that I am not the only one. After work I can't even sit, I have to lie down and many times I have to leave work earlier because I am so exhausted. I have a part time job, but sometimes even that is too much. Sometimes I had to lie down at my office floor. Once after that I lost eyesight from other eye and that was the reason they found this APS.

  • Absolutely every day it is so random it hits like a thunderbolt i forget everything and have to lie down I awake with confusion disoriated then have to lie down again the fatigue is sooo dibilitating TXX your not on your own

  • Me too . I now plan two half hour liedowns a day and try to respond quickly if I feel it coming on. Been easier since I stopped work. .I definitely get worse if I try to just press on.

  • I fortunately don't have the exhaustion mentioned in these posts but I do have tightening and pain in my rib cage and was diagnosed with chostochondritis several years ago.

  • Hello All:

    I can relate to what you are describing. I go through this every couple of weeks and usually takes a couple of days for that exhausted feeling to go away; and the 'tightness in the chest" does make me feel like I am strugging to breadthe. I've seen the docs on several occasions but not anything that they can pin down. I've been curious if this is trigered by something in my diet or something else - long hours at work, etc., but haven't been able to pin down anything.

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