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vitamin D

I was prescribed a very high dose of Vitamin D from the endochronologist which made me ill for around 3 weeks. Having recovered from that I am supposed to take a regular normal dose each day, however, I still seem to have gastric problems with even a small dose. I have tried pills and now drops, but still have difficulties. Anyone else in this situation?

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Hi Purple

I take vit D, I take it on its own no other meds at same time and leave a two hour gap either side. Also try an eat something before taking it. I never quite know if the gastric problems are down to the APS, other meds or Vit D.

It may be however that you are sensitive to the Vit D, so they need to look for alternative methods, maybe in diet.

I hope they can find a regime of treatment that agrees with you.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Maybe try taking it with food? I have trouble with some vitamins and found that if I do the kids chewables they are less rough on my tummy. Some you need two to get the equivalent, just look at the dosage.

I just found Multibionata which is a vitamin with a probiotic, I take one of those and two of the Boots brand Vitamin D 12.5 together and they have been absolutely fine on my usally wonky stomach.


I have calcichew D3 tablets prescribed by my GP which I have to take 3 times a day. They are as the name intimates chewable! I have had no side effects and my stomach is very sensitive. It does not matter when I suck or chew them either.

Last week my GP gave me a ergocalciferol 600,000 ui injection to top me up too and I can't say that that even touched the surface! Perhaps you may do better with an injection rather than a digestible format.


Hi I agree with HP the chewable ones do seam to be better for me you may be better with a direct injection let us know how you get on



Thank you for your helpful replies. I need a vitamin D without calcium (therefore not calcichew), because my calcium level is normal. The good news at the moment is that I seem to be tolerating the Sunvite drops, which are vitamin D3 alone. I also try to eat plenty of salmon, eggs and fortified rice milk, since I dont take cows milk. Lets hope this continues.


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