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does any1

does any1 suffer frm boils or abcesses ive had several last few years ...... inc 1 had b lanced(ouch) i have 1 now on my neck and dont knw if there link btween aqps n them????? sn as 1 goes i get another...... fed up ov the scars im left with... im diabetic bt under control so dnt knw...... gp has put me on antibiotics 4 3 mnths 2 c if does anythinm.........plz help i knw antibiotics interfere with inr

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Hi Rach,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering with these , i am sorry i have not sufferd with this I hope someone can answer you question regarding antibiotics i will have a look and see what i can find


Hi Rach

I seem to get these, I put these down to me get ovet heated as I tend to get very hot.


Hey it might be MRSA boils have you had them tested? Hughes patients or anyone with any autoimmune disease for that matter is twice as likely to contract MRSA and its already passed as easy as a common cold! Also people with low vitamin D are twice as likely and as we all know Hughes patients have low vitamin D so that makes us four times more likely than the general public! Get checked its better safe than sorry because if the infection goes to your bones then were ever its at has to be amputated and if it gets in your blood then its lethal within hours.


Cheerful dawn!!


thnx every1 this 1 seems 2 b healin n hopefully b my last


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