Blood clot?

Hi everyone. I have a small patch just below my knee to the left slightly that's painful. I've suffered 2 major blood clots as many of you will know but I'm unsure as to what this is. It feels like a bruise when I press it, I can feel it when I walk but there is no visible signs of a bruise. Do I have reason to worry or is it just my brain going over time?

Thanks charli xx

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  • Hi there, I would go to GP and get this investigated, or whoever has seen you before at the surgery when complications arise, even if it is just to put your mind at rest. You have nothing to lose by checking this out, best of luck, let us know what they say. Mary F x

  • Ok thanks MaryF I was thinking seeing a doctor but then I don't want to waste their time if it is just a bruise. I am always covered in them but don't even feel them when I walk. Just seems a bit odd x

  • All the more reason to check, with a condition like this it is better to check rather than leave something which is out of the usual, better for them, and certainly better for you. Mary F x

  • Hi Charli. I agree with Mary. It's far better to get these things checked out, especially before the weekend or you're going to worry all weekend aren't you!? I would far prefer to be told that it's a bruise than find out later rather than sooner that it might be something more serious. Take care and good luck xxx

  • Ok thanks guys ill make an appointment then

    :D xx

  • Pleased to hear that Charli let us know how you get on won't you? Good Luck from here InSpain xxx

  • Hi Charli

    I'm glad you've decided to make an appointment. You never really know until you know.

    You don't say if it's at the front or the back of your knee. If it's at the back, it could be a Baker's cyst which is usually benign. A Baker's cyst is a sac of synovial fluid (joint lubricant) that these days is rarely aspirated because it just fills up again. Have a look at this link:

    Best, John

  • A good article John, it made interesting reading. It's something I know very little about. However, if you have a pain at the side or the back of knee it can be a classic symptom of a DVT, especially for someone who has a history of DVT's, like Charli and myself. Although I can't speak for Charli I would think that's why she felt the need to ask for some advice. This is one of the reasons that I believe this forum is so good because we can all share our ideas and experiences with each other. At the end of the day it's all about helping each other out isn't it? xxx

  • Yes, I completely agree with you. I've had those pains myself and it did turn out to be a DVT, so you're right! Sometimes I add ideas to a blog because many people other than the one who posted, read it and find it may relate to them. You are so right too about this forum; it is a great place to share and glean ideas and experiences. I think we should also remember to check the Hughes website too.

    Best, John

  • I'm glad you agree John. Hughes is a funny old thing it seems to run its course differently for all of us. So if we can help each other all the better!

  • The pain is the front of my leg. I can't get an appointment until tomorrow. I'm so annoyed at my surgery what if it is a clot they are just going to leave me. I seem to have the worst medical care going it seems. Roll on London :( also my clots were in both my groin. I have not had experience of clots lower down xx

  • Charli I know it's easy to say and hard to do but try not to worry. If the pain gets worse or you feel the slightest bit unwell or different to normal go straight to A&E that's what they're there for. Hopefully your GP will put your mind at rest tomorrow. xxx

  • Absolutely, makes sense. Especially if it's all driving you nuts, Charli.

    John X

  • Hi,

    Worth getting checked out considering medical history and illness.


  • I have had two instances of superficial vein thrombosis. These are not DVT and generally they do nothing. How they presented for me is first as soreness even when standing. One was in a varicose vein and looked like a lump. They were sore to the touch. The soreness went away in a few days.

    All that said, I agree you should get it checked.

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