Blood clot

Blood clot

Hi, new to this, so unsure if this is the correct place to post, so forgive me if its not.

4 weeks ago I awoke with cramp in my leg then the next few night alternative legs, I went to the doctors and was told it was just an age thing , anyway the next day I tore my calf muscle two weeks on and I was ok and walking again, about two days after this I had a blood clot in my leg not dvt but superficial, it's left a red blood mark about the size of a tennis ball and a brown mark about twice that size, anyway more to the point behind my knees hurt (both) and my legs ache like anything it's like tooth ache in the back of knee, should I be concerned?? Baring in mind my g.p. Said it was superficial?? He didn't do any tests and I didn't mention about my knees .???

Stressed out now and not sleeping due to pain and stress about it

Ps age 45 and do a physical job if that helps

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  • Hi it is certainly the right place to inquire about a clot, however this forum is for people with Sticky Blood-Hughes Syndrome, other wise known as APS, full name Antiphospholipid Syndrome. (This is an autoimmune disease). So here are some clues. Do you have relatives with autoimmune diseases or do you have one? This can include Thyroid etc, also close relatives with a history of miscarriages etc, or do you have a history of severe migraines or anything like that? MaryF

  • I'm sorry I'm in the wrong place , all stressed out and dressing sorry

  • No worries, you can just un follow our community easily. Hope you get to the bottom symptoms soon. If you end up getting any more clots, which hopefully you will not, come back to us, and we can advise on specific blood tests, if of interest. Also be on the look out if close relatives have had heart attacks or strokes at a younger age. MaryF

  • Hi, You have got very good advice from MaryF. This autoimmun illness may run in families and a blood-test can give you the answer.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • It certainly wouldn't hurt to as your Doctor about having tests done for APS and that is even if your Dc. has even heard of it before - that is if you haven't addressed this already

  • I was told when diagnosed with dvt that an alternative diagnosis could be a cyst behind the knee. Might make sense to check that your gp has considered this. Good luck!

  • Thanks everyone booked in tomorrow .

  • Im new to this as well. I would definitely get a second opinion, better safe than sorry. You know your body. I was slightly misdiagnosed. I had a PE. They think it started as a DVD, I had no symptoms in the leg. I too have a physical job. I had one leg cramp. Then escalating back pain. They said I had "red herring " symptoms. Not Atypical. Get it checked again

  • Ps no tests didn't even lay a finger on me

  • Siatica apparently without looking me.

  • Listen to everyone here!! Better safe than sorry! Your GO CUD HAVE AT LEAST DONE A DOPPLER OF YOUR LEG! You have a large vein right near please get this checked! Good Luck and Godspeed!!!

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