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Anyone else with side effects from pregablin?

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia on top of APS a few months ago. Started on Gabapentin but the side effects were so strong with dizziness and feeling spaced out (only 300g) my GP then put me on Pregablin. The first week was fine, I felt really well. Pins and needles dispersed and the aching joints. The following week I started getting suicidal thoughts, crying, anxiety and just severe unrational thoughts and a higher emotional state.

I am now as if to day back on Gabapentin but only 100mg to see if that will keep the pain and pins and needles away. I was wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms when on Riveroxoban?

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While your GP tries to address these problems, do please also get your vitamin D, iron and B12 tested ad be aware with us lot the Fibro often turns out to be under active thyroid combined with low vitamin D, iron, sometimes B12 and Sjogrens Disease, the trouble with Thyroid is they only do the TSH test which is very unreliable. I did a barrage of private tests, which I paid for but this was worth the money as it showed up very clearly that Fibro was not in existence, but actually a severely under active Thyroid, let me know if you want details of the tests. MaryF

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Yes. I felt like a zombie. I then tried Lyrica (a relative) and ended up in ER.


That sounds awful!


I tried Lyrica perhaps 15 years ago (the same as Pregablin).

A Neurologist before I had a certain diagnose of APS prescribed it. I was very bad on it and had to stop it.

Hope you have got an APS-Specialist who understands what APS stands for, too thick blood.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Thank you Kerstin

Yes I have been under Dr Sarah Lewis who has been my specialist for the past three years.

My doctor liases between Sarah and my other specialist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia

I am trying the new dose of Gabapentin so hopefully this will work better


Yes I am on Pregabalin and have APS , Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

At present I am slowly trying to reduce from 450mg day.Stuck at 350mg as crippled up.

Yes it has made me very spaced out in past at point where I had to just shut my eyes n have my husbands arm to hold onto. Think my body has got used to drug. I used to have very bad suicidal thoughts but talked myself through them.I still have an occasional one but wouldn't do anything.

If does help enormously with the pain but maybe you need smaller dose or something more suitable

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Thank you for the reply, it's reassuring to know others have felt the same.

I am trying a tiny dose of 100mg of Gabapentin to see if that helps. I suffer from terrible puns and needles and joint pain.

I sometimes wonder if the side effects are worth it with Gabapentin/pregablin. The pain is horrible but I hate the side effects

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