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Detectable wtf

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Hi, I need some advice. I have recently become detectable after 3 years of undetectable, nothing much has changed in my routine, I don't drink or smoke, eat healthily. However, I have had eye surgery, antibiotics and 3 steroid injections in my eye. Could this be the reason I have become detectable? I take my meds routinely.

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Hi David.

First things first - don't panic!

Secondly, what did your doc say about it? It's not unheard of for combination therapy to fail and usually only needs an adjustment in pills. Just as some of us get side effects and others don't, getting the best combination FOR YOU is key and makes the whole journey a much more relaxed event. There is sometimes a misconception that is simply take 'this pill!' and all will be fine - the reality is it may take a few gos to get the right combination.

I had a lens replaced last year due to glaucoma so feel your pain - but that shouldn't be a factor in your VL. Has your health been OK otherwise? Other medicines being taken? Hot, wild and passionate unprotected sex😘?

I luckily have a good tolerance of pills

and my VL has been undetectable for over 10 years, with only a minor tweak after a couple of years (as my CD4 started to plateau) which is still working away happily. Even though I was an original trial patient for AZT and other early wonder drugs I may be a toxic dump on the inside - with everything I have taken over the last 25 years 🤣 but I am still UNDETECTABLE and proudly looking forward to seeing my 50th birthday (which I never expected to see) and my 34th anniversary of HIV!

BW, Ian x


Thank you Ian, health wise generally good and no wild unprotected sex, actually none at all lol. I have also changed hiv meds at my last appointment but the bloods were just prior to this.

I have a follow up appointment in September to check new meds and bloods. I will try not to worry.

Thanks again

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Hi David , This happened to me briefly . Clinic phoned up to check I was taking my meds , when told I was , their reply was " this happens occasionally , don't worry about it " . By the next bloods I was undetectable again , and in fact since then the test has been refined further to pick up virus at an even lower level , and it's still undetectable .

Don't worry !


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