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I think I need a life

I have been having a day...Hands are sweaty just writing this. I was exposed 3 years ago..Diagnosed about 2 years ago. My anxiety is through the roof. For a long time I went thru life trying to conceal and protect my true I'm dealing with this..anxiety..people I ran away years ago from being afraid to let ppl dad in my life.. I feel like I have nobody....I'm in this house alone....I'm overwhelmed...and I don't wanna lose control of the little strenght I do have....please help...its so hard now a days and I'm really tryin...

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I can empathise with how you are feeling but in the one week that i have been diagnosed, what has kept me partially sane is hope and faith that i will get through this. Develop the faith that its better to know your status and be doing something about it than not knowing and be deteriorating gradually. The mixed emotions will always be there i've been told; seek solace in the arm or heart of anyone that accepts you for who you are. Try not to define your self by your status but by the strenghth within and help around you. You will be just fine.


Thank you for your was pretty bad while I was writing that.


Don't let this get to you as it did me

I'm now getting on with my life and have my own restaurant in north Wales and I'm living


Thank you.


Sorry to read you are going through a difficult time! I recommend some counselling that may help. Also contacting your GP who can prescribe some medication to reduce your anxiety.. True friends will still support you, whatever health condition we live with... Good Luck


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