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How to know HIV medication is working

Hi All,

I am in the Philippines and we only have annual viral load test but have every 6 months CD4 count test. When you are enrolled in medication, you will only have CD4 as baseline, no viral load test. I've been taking my medication for more than 3 months, and my question is - how will I know that my medication is working?

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I did a clinical trial when starting my meds lasted 6 months had bloods taken and lab stored in Switzerland, after 3 months cd4 was up and viral load undetectable.. Worked fairly quick when taken properly.


You will only know exactly when you get the result of your next viral load test. If you take your meds every day as prescribed...I would be pretty confident in predicting you will be undetectable. Enjoy your life. I am 75 years old and have been living with HIV for over 32 years. I seem to be working harder now than when I was working full time...so much for the notion of putting your feet up on retirement.

On the upside...I appear to be valued by many individuals and community groups...AND my next adventure is to travel on my own to Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand....as well as the Philippines. Take care. Maurice

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Hope to see you in the Philippines. Our problem in the Philippines is limited medication options.


Understood...I see why you might be concerned. What combination are on?

I will be in Manila at the end of January...you could contact me via Facebook. (Maurice Greenham)


lamivudine, tenofovir, efaverinz


Seems like a potent combination...you might take heart from the comment made by Dorsetguy01

Another reliable source of information is i-base.info


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