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3 months results. Not happy :(

Guys not very happy with my results. First month everything seemed to be working fine, I went up from 180 to 318. Three months later I am down to 298 and no idea about my vl as it takes months here to get the results unless you go to a private lab and pay...which us precisely what I am going to do again.

I have no idea what to think, adherence was fine -maybe the 3 doses I left in the car compartment under the heat for an hour or the diarrhea I had once 35 minutes and an hour after taking my dose have created resistance? Maybe my regimen is not effective enough on my virus? I doubt a resistance test has been done so far - I was put into therapy urgently.

Anyway...if you have any ideas or experiences to share I'll be glad to listen.


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Dear Yperoxos,

Please do not worry too much about individual CD4 test results.

Your CD4 count can change quite a lot during the day, or if you have a common cold, or if you have just had a hard night out a day or two before your blood was taken.

The difference between the last two tests is only 20, this could easily be accounted for by the natural fluctuations one normally has in CD4 counts. This type of fluctuation is normal regardless of your HIV status.

While we want your CD4 count to go up this is normally a reasonably slow process it can take over a year to get the count where we want it to be. In addition to all this there is a wide range of 'normal' CD4 counts depending on the individual. My own CD4 has rarely been above 600, my husbands is rarely below 700 and often above 800. We have both been living with HIV for over 18 years, go figure?

So, don't worry about individual test results, look at the trend over time. It is normal to have peaks and troughs in your CD4 count. The three test results still show an overall improvement in your CD4 count.

Finally, I have been on the same combination as you are on now and never had any problem with it I found it very easy to take and very affective in fighting the virus.

I hope all this help put your mind at ease.

Kind Regards,



Thank you so much.


Really don't worry(l know easy to say!)

My CD4 goes up and down naturally by 50-100 depending on work, fatigue, nights really!

My dr only checks it 6mthly and says some negative patients have lower CD4 counts than patients who are poz! Just be patient and things will settle eventually


I had to add Trivicay to the ones you are taking and my load dropped and my T count came up

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Yes, I've read that integrase inhibitors like Tivicay are better for increasing cd4 counts and suppressing viral loads.


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