Please do not give up

It is heart breaking to see that even in 2016 people are feeling so left out. On the 2004 boxing day a person called me to say that he has been diagnosed positive and as we had unprotected sex 3 months before that so I should check too. I had a date that night. Standing in front of the mirror I promised to myself that I'm not going to give up or ever feel sorry for myself. 5th January 2005 I found out officially that I'm HIV+. Since then I have lived a happy and healthy life because to me it is an illness for which I have to be bit careful but I'm never going to apologise for it. I have not got a sick day in last 7 years. My doctor /consultant of 9 years is somebody with whom I have literary conversation . The guy who gave me the virus, we call each others blood brothers and we talk regularly on phone or through FB and meet once a year. I have decided to be my own boss and my end is not nigh. So please think about yourself and could you do. I'm always available to have a conversation over phone or face to face if needed. Nobody is alone and we are here for each other.

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  • Roy it has a lot to do with what happens to us like myself I got into drugs lied cheated on a wonderful person all because I was being stupid I could of stopped the drugs with rehab but I just was lost I lost a good man that was on my side for a high the love was worth more than the drugs now that I realize alone depressed suicidal but keeping strong

  • Hey man we are all human beings and we have our follies. We make mistakes but we can also rectify that. As you have said you realised and I'm sure you'll think before doing the same. So yes keep strong and you are not alone as we all are on the same boat.

  • Yeah I understand but what is told by the people is what hurts like me being called a animal, that I wish you do die, or you don't have feelings are things that hurt and make a person give up I been sober now for 15 days a accplishment that in reality he helped me with even though he is not around waiting on a bed for rehab now and being strong writting my feelings and experience here helps a lot and with people like you I get a little of my life back

  • Royk, now that is being Positive in the Positive Community 👍🙏👍


  • Royk, Big love to you mate.

  • I agree that being positive doesn't define us and it doesn't have to stop us leading a full life. Unfortunately others are the ones who have the issue with our status , usually due to ignorance and generally being uneducated idiots. I can't be open with my status as I don't want them to have to deal the the backlash as they did when I came out as gay.

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