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Dating while positive

So one thing I haven't heard about as much is people's experiences with dating. I feel and have heard from one pos friend that it's gotten a lot better recently especially with the advent of PrEP. And sure dating doesn't work out for a variety of reasons anyway, but I'm hopeful that once I become undetectable (just recently diagnosed) this won't hold me back too much and may even help me filter out some to find more educated, caring people. One particular question is how to disclose your status tactfully but by being upfront and honest?

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Hello There,

I have had sex with people after I was diagnosed but with protection, I felt more confident to do so after I became undetectable. At this time I think is just difficult to date anyone. Even people who don't have HIV are having trouble dating due to Grindr and social media. People just seem to like to have fun and that's it.

I had a nice experience recently with a guy much younger than me, he was very upfront and asked me my status I was honest and that didn't seem to bother him as we really had fun without feeling awkward. We were in touch for a bit but then we stop talking, I guess it was just the age difference that didn't really let us continue.

I think people are more educated, at least here in London and hopefully that will make it easier for all of us to date one day.



In today's world of dating and HIV, it is so much easier now. With the vast improvements on HIV meds, and the advent of PreP medications, there is a lot less stigma with dating. I have had more HIV negative boyfriends than positive ones. And, they are all negative to this day.

When I was single, a bit over a year ago, I put my status upfront on my profile so there wasn't those awkward questions about status. Be upfront, and it will be so much easier than you think it will be.

Most really appreciate the upfront honesty. In my experience, most people who balk at dating a "poz" person are usually not educated on HIV, PreP, or even how to play safely.

I hope this helps answer your questions. 😊


Thanks so much guys! Really helpful

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Hi Folks,

Having seen all these replies I don't have anything to add BUT the pendant in me wants to add a point of clarity.

You need to be undetectable for at least six months and take all your pills every day before you are un-infections.

Thats it ;-)

As Always,



i here you, runningwld6. soo hard to disclose or tell someone about your status.. then the risk of rejection is another issue.


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