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Hi Everyone! I was diagnosed with HIV last December 1, 2015. My CD4 count that time was 395 so I decided myself to start taking ART medicine. To tell you honestly, I was really shocked with what happened. Until now, I really don't know what to do, I'm afraid to die. I still need to work hard for my family.

Can anyone, give me some advice on what to do about this? It's hard for me to cope this kind of virus to think that the medication is lifetime.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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  • hi there how are u doing nice to meet u am RICARDO

  • Hi Ricardo! Here, still coping. I'm still afraid to die. I have lots of things to do in life... maybe im too paranoid now .

  • Hey mark. I've been taking the Meds for 16 years now. It's not so bad. I have had side affects but they get dealt with, or you get used to them. I always felt that the most important thing for me was to not pass the virus on to anyone else. So the mess do that while they still work. Good luck and keep taking the tablets ;)

  • Thank you for your response. Actually I'm depress right now, I still don't know how to cope this. I'm afraid to die . I'm still 25 yrs. Old and still have many plans to myself and to my family.

  • Hey mark, there is no reason why you should die any earlier than anyone else, as long as you take your Meds properly. Your only young. Try to have a positive attitude and positive things can happen. Good luck.

  • I still dont know how to cope this kind of virus. It makes me feel ill and depress. I always heard in the social medias that almost everyday a lot of people died because of having hiv/aids. I wonder why they reached to that point. Are they taking the meds? Or not? . Considering that the HIV/Aids cases here in Philippines are very rampant now a days.

  • Today is a Christmas season and I haven't enjoyed much celebrating it because I keep on thinking if being an HIV+ . I don't what will happened to me by the next day. Does the meds I'm taking right now might help me to prolong my life. :(

  • aww Mark i am here for u and would like to get to know u more and just be there for u and take things slow and see where things lead to am older guy but its up to am here for u i was the same way when i was told but i have came along way u can tex me at 830-309-1533

  • Im from Philippines Ricarado. How long you've been taking the meds? Is it also for free?

  • HI there MARK yes i been on medication for the last 6 years and no its not free my insurance pays half and a coy pay card pays the rest for me other wise i dont know what i would do with out it and for u MARK well u seem like a nice guy i want to know more

  • Thank you Ricarido. The meds here in Philippines are for free. And im afraid to the side effects of the meds. I already start taking it last dec. 2. Hopefully my cd4 counts will be rised from 395. Thank you...

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