HIV Cure???

Hi guys how are you? Hope all is well. I was diagnosed last December 2015 and right now I'm still taking the med. with few side effects and it becomes my daily routine in life.

I would like to ask if there is a possible cure for this VIRUS. To tell you honestly, it makes me feel depress everytime I think that I'm an HIV+. 

Anyone, can share their life experiences ???

Thank you...

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  • Morning! Why there are so depressed, unhappy people here?! :( Nose up! Life is beautiful, summer is coming (to the UK at least lol :)))) Just enjoy it! ;) What makes You feeling so, mate? I'm poz almost one year (it will be on 22nd of June). Ok, I'm not on meds yet, so maybe it's different... But IT - the virus we live with - just CAN'T change our lifes we lived before diagnosis! I do not know if I'm crazy lol but I just live a normal, healthy life and GONNA live for years! I'm not gonna die soon! It haven't changed anything in my life - I'm the same guy I was before I found out I'm poz. I just have to check my health more than usual (but it's great, isn't..? :p) and will have to start medications one day. Haha So just think possitive, guys, and life will be awesome! :) Everyone deserved that :p So just enjoy that wonderful day and be happy, dear "colleagues" :))) Have a nice weekend!

  • Your reply made me smile. Such posivity is what strengths people. Please keep it up!

  • :) 

  • I am with you Paulius!  I found out I am Poz in 2008.  I am on meds but, I don't let it get me down and I try to live each day to the fullest!  I have no plans on dying any time soon!  I have too much to offer in life still.

  • Hi I know how you feeling,I have been positive for 11 years and I am doing great life goes on,what's done is done its time to move on and enjoy life.

  • been awaiting over 21 years for a cute partner waiting 30 years but it will be cumming soon

  • As of yet, there is not an accepted "cure" for HIV. With that said, I feel that we are about 5 or so years from having one approved by World Health Organization ( WHO ) Nearly 30 years into HIV research, scientist are on the right path for discovering a cure. Cannabis, and cannabinoids seem to be promising for helping to find a cure.

  • I have been positive for nearly 30 years. I've been thru, and witnessed alot of changes with HIV medical care. Meds have improved significantly since discovery of the "cocktail" drugs.

  • I feel like you Mark, my percepective in life changed a lot since last January. Death is something down the road (I can even see its shadow), certainly not something abstract that will happen sometime in the future as it used to be..

    I particularly worry about different kinds of cancer, not so much of hiv per se, but you never know; healthy people die every day for all sorts of reasons. 

    If there is one thing I learnt out of all this, is that I must treat each day as if it is my last one. 

  • What cheered me up was when my consultant told me that if I looked after myself it'd probably only take 5 years from my life expectancy and that I should have no problem living into my seventies.

    With the medication we have now it's considered a chronic illness here rather than a terminal one.

    We are the lucky ones here in the UK as it's all free.

    If you want a Poz buddy to have a beer or coffee with message me :-)

    You'll always feel different but it's not the end of the world and in time I'm sure you'll help others too as it's hard at first.

    Chris xxx

  • Thank you so much! I am looking forward to meet you someday.

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