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HIV Medication (Time Schedule)

Hi Folks! How are you? Hope all is well.

I'm taking my MEDS at exactly 11pm. My question is, will it be okay to change my time schedule in taking it , like 8pm for example?

I find it hard to take it at 11pm for it makes me feel awake until dawn. And I still need to wake up early for my work.

Hope there is someone who can help regarding this query.

Thank you.

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Ya sure , just keep little gap between you dinner n meds . Have meds and sleep after some time ...

Well, rest our friends will light more on it too...


hey mark04231990! yes it is absolutely fine to change the timing. i always do that as well when i go on holidays when there is an 8-hour difference! absolutely fine. i asked my consulatant about that. it does not matter too if youbtake it before OR after food as long as you take them WITH meals. hope this has helped. :)


I take mine at 9.00am and again at 8.00pm

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I'm guessing you take Atripla! why don't you ask your doctor to change your medication for one that doesn't have such side effects?

Re: your original question, so long as you are undetectable. There is a 12 hour window either side when you can take your medication. If you are later than that,the advice is to just skip it. Maybe you could even switch time to mornings?


Hi Mark,

I think you can successfully change from 11pm to 8 pm as I have done that same type of change. My physician was not concerned as long as I began taking it regularly at 8pm. You probably don't need to , but I stair stepped my way down to 8 - from 11, then the next day I to ok it at 10 then 9, then 8. So far I'm holding steady at 8 with no issue.


It is perfectly fine to change the time you take your meds. The key is to be consistent. If you are on them twice daily as I am, make sure to plan accordingly.


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