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Svt and post heart stent placement

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Hi I'm 42 years old man that just got 5 heart stent 1 month ago . I'm relatively fit doesn't smoke nor drink alcohol. I just got my COVID vaccine booster and then 1 day after that my heart jumped to 160 for 9 hour. I didn't go to the hospital cause I thought it was just a normal vacc reaction. But 10 days later I got a heart attack and need to be hospitalised . After kept goin back to the hospital due to fast heartbeat , the doc proceed with angiogram hence I got 5 stents. But after a month my heart beat still jumped as high as 170 although not as frequent as before I got stent maybe due to the med... Aspirin, beta blocker nebulet, blood thinner , etc. The doc said I might had svt. It frustrated me cause even after the surgery I still got this fast heartbeat that last to 4 hour . I didn't want to go to hospital again so I did valsalva manuve etc that sometimes worked sometime it doesn't. Does anyone experience this too? Svt and ha in the same time? how do you deal with it? I also thought the attack trigger with anxiety...

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You may find you get more answers by posting this on the British Heart forum. Link here:

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Kelso7 in reply to jeanjeannie50

Thx jeannie

Do you think it was all caused from Covid booster? Which one was it?

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Kelso7 in reply to Marty0001

Pfiser. I could not say for sure. but I was healthy and all of sudden SVT hit me Day after. The doc said it could be but I guess nothing is certain cause it's all new. But the CAD is definitely not due to vacc cause it was build up yearly.

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belindalore in reply to Kelso7

Still a lot of unanswered questions about these vaccines. More and more is coming to light about bad side effects. Take care. Hope you find some answers.

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Marty0001 in reply to Kelso7

Ok thank you I had the Pfizer vaccine as well x3 ok so far but in your case it definitely seems connected as all these problems you are having started straight after. I hope things improve soon for you.

I have SVT and have had 4 Pfizer jabs (2 boosters) without any problems. I'm 78. Have you looked at your lifestyle? (food and exercise as you don't drink or smoke) You are very young to be suffering to be suffering with CAD.

All the best.


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Kelso7 in reply to RoyMacDonald

I don't blame the jab especially for CAD. I do have high cholesterol but I did lots of sports right before COVID. Thx for the reply Roy.. how's SVT working out for u these day.. cause I'm kind of new to this...

Well controlled thanks to my food and exercise regime. Also find it important to have a regular bed time.

All the best.


Hi there,

I don’t have SVT, but non-sustained VT but am post ablation and off all meds.

My experience is that once you’ve had some form of heart procedure the heart can take time to settle. So, hopefully yours will settle too. If not, keep contacting the cardiologist and get the answers you need.

In the past, mine has been triggered by cardio exercise and lifting.

I too am in my 40s, was very fit and healthy and looked after myself - unfortunately the conduction heart issues hit young and old, fit and healthy people.

It is so difficult not to feel some anxiety when your heart is racing.

Hope you get the right support.

Take care

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Kelso7 in reply to JKJLH

Thx you I hope you will always stay healthy. Cheers

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