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length of time between 1st and 2nd SVT attack?

I'd be very grateful if SVT sufferers could tell me length of time between their very first and second attacks please? And for any who have communicated with me in the past, I still have had no indication of what MONTH i should get to speak to the ep although my cardiologist's secretart thinks i might hear by the end of april.... tumbleweed from ep's secretary...breathe, breathe, breathe... But I am in good spirits, have came off flecainide on my own, and am feeling better for it, managing to go for walks of a mile or two, not dizzy, joint pain reduced, vision not blurry. Still shattered and not keen to completely stop bisoprolol but have reduced myself down to half of 3.75 mg with 1.25mg to go down to next. Have seen a nutritionist and started magnesium, multivit (minus vit k) and will be back on coq10 in the form of ubiquitol in the next few days. I am going for a couple of hypnosis sessions to help calm down my system. Don't feel so helpless and am much more relaxed - the first two months after the attack were totally horrendous, truly truly hope i am on the way up, who knows what is to come, but i want to face it as positively as is possible! Still feel weird heart things - but if it is not battering in my chest, i am ignoring all!

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I had one attack and then it was almost a year before the next one. My first one was end of February but the next one in January next year. I had ablation in March after that.

My heart doesnt like winters. I feel so good in summers, but when winter comes, cold and viruses, I always get problems. Good luck for you.

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Did you manage the first year tablet-free? My wish would be to have 4 distinct seasons where it is like spring in springtime, hot in summer, autumn in fall and a nice white snuggled by the fire winter! Not a winter that spreads over the rest of them with a watery summer! Hope you are well now MinnieMinnie!


Yes, after the first attack I was told that it may never come back again. So I lived without tablets for all that time and felt good. When the second attack came, I knew what is was, went to hospital, got injection, came back with tablets B blockators.

But I felt too bad of them, my blood pressure dropped very low, I felt like fainting all the time.

And they did not work as I got another episode soon after. I started to feel better only after I was prescribed Metoprolol - slow release tablets. Which means that I got even level of medication in my blood all the time. Suddenly I felt normal. So after ablation I still taking these tablets and I have never had SVT and fast heart rate again. Very rarely I would have this fast heart rate and then I would just take one more tablet.

But I have periods with a lot of palpitations, specially after exercise. And they can be very scary as well. Like series of palpitations where you have to cough and cough to get you heart back in rythm. I had those in cold days. Hope this helps.


Hi Stargazer. I've had 3 SVTs so far, the first happened last January out of the blue whilst I was at work. I'd no idea what was happening & really thought I was going to die. My husband took me to A& E & I was given The Injection & I went home soon after. At my follow up, I was given no reason for it & tild it may or may not happen again - no lifestyle suggestions were given & no tablets. My second attack was at the end of November, & I knew exactly what it was. I tried all the self help things but, as nothing worked, I called an ambulance. Again, I had That Injection in resuss & was kept in overnight. Now I take verapamil & have switched to decaf coffee & virtually no alcohol. Unfortunately, I had a 3rd attack at the beginning of Feb but I did manage to slow my heart down by throwing cold water st my face & holding my nose & breathing out - it took a while though. I am now waiting for another specialist appointment to come through. We were on our way for a few days away in the most recent occurrence, I'm now scared of going anywhere far from home. We have a foreign trip booked at the end of May & I'm worried about it already!


Thanks for replying. It's scary huh? I am flummoxed as to lack of aftercare. How did you get onto the tablets then, have you had ablation suggested and do you just feel normal otherwise in between or do you have side effects from the tablets? It's interesting to know of others' experiences, i have found this forum so useful. I'm grateful to you for sharing your experience with me. It's hard to weigh up your options when you don't really know what you are dealing with! I am pleased to be out managing to walk for a mile, i couldn't do that a couple of months ago. How your world can change on the turn of a sixpence! look forward to reading you again!


Hi! Good to hear from you. I found this forum by chance & am so pleased I did, it's good to know there are others out there with the same problem. Whilst I was on hospital the 2nd time a cardiologist came round & he prescribed the tablets & claimed they would 'fix the problem'. He was very dismissive & said he'd fix an outpatient appointment in 4/5 months time. After I had the 3rd episode I asked my GP if I could see him sooner & she said she'd send a letter so I'm waiting now. Ablation hasn't been mentioned at all. I feel quite normal in between - each episode has come right out of the blue. Have you just had one episode to date? Keep in touch, take care


Mine varied but can say that they always worsened at time of the month but initially I had long spells In between with nothing. No pattern though. Can't say anything triggered them either. I was mid diagnosed from 2009-2015 so only meds I was on was sertraline for panic attacks which is what I was told I had. Mine was svt in right ventricle and then vt in same place.

Have they suggested an ablation for you?


Hiya, yeah, remember i told you they cancelled me seeing same ep as you for op cos i wanted to speak with him beforehand. Still waiting to speak with him, feeling ok at moment compared to where i was at the first two months. Just really want to discuss things with him to put a stop all these questions running around my brain - easier to say than do - and maybe i'll just swap them for a different set of things to consider! But everyone says you're best to wait til you speak to an ep for putting your mind at rest re your condition. Over 100 days and trying not to count them!!!! Hope all is good with you.


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