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I am 44 years old and male. I had my first SVT just over a year ago. I ended up in A&E and the SVT lasted almost an hour - my heart rate was about 200 bpm at one point. I was very afraid I was having a heart attack. My heart rate went back to normal by itself, without any medication.

All the tests / chest X Ray showed I was 'pretty normal' and I was told it was most likely SVT and an appointment was made with a cardiologist.

This first episode came on after sex.

I have since seen a cardiologist who confirmed it was SVT, he explained what SVT is and told me I will have them again. I was told it can be controlled by medication or can be 'cured' by ablation. I was then discharged and told it was up to me how I wanted to proceed. I decided to see how frequently I had them before making a decision. I have since read lots more about the condition online and especially on this forum.

I have had about 8 episodes of SVT since the first time, all have come about after sex / orgasm. They usually last about 5 to 10 minutes and I splash my face with cold water and massage the Vagus nerve to try to control it.

Some days I get what I call 'air hunger' where I feel a little anxious and feel like a need to take a deep breath, I don't know if this is even connected to SVT or not.

I have slightly high blood pressure which I am attempting to control through diet before taking the option of medication for life.

I had quite a bit of alcohol las night and had sex this morning which brought on a SVT.

My question is, does the same pattern sound familiar to you guys on here? I am getting a bit fed up of this now but still don't feel ready to go for meds or ablation as the condition is not impeding too much on my life.... but I am fed up :-(



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  • Be grateful that it happens after - not before or during.... ;-)

  • It has happened during but, a gentleman soldiers on. Ha ha.

    It is getting pretty annoying now as each time I have one it makes me more anxious and I start to wonder if it may be something more serious than SVT. I am in danger of becoming obsessed.

  • Hi

    I experience similar episodes after sex . I am male (56)

    My Symptoms

    My heart rates triples the normal, which is 60 and it last for about 2 hours . I have hot flushes and my blood pressure is raised . I sweat but I am not breathless. I became anxious as a result of my heart racing for no apparent reason

    Loop recorder

    I have a loop recorder fitted and that showed three episodes of heart pauses - up to 3.7 seconds . It also showed that my heart beats at 46 bpm when sleeping . ECG is always normal

    My general health

    I go running everyday and that does not cause any problems . I am not on any medications

    Cardiologist View

    Wait and see and there is no need for a pacemaker now

    This issue is very stressful and causes a lot of anxiety .

    I wish you the very best and please keep in touch . I shall post any updates

  • How annoying. As if arrhythmias aren't crap enough without disrupting the sex life!!!! For me, when the heart rate increases, I sometimes start to have ectopic beats and then this leads to arrythmias for me. I have been in the gym and had a few missed beats and then they have increased, I go into an arrhythmia and sometimes I then nearly faint. My EP told me to continue ALL normal activities though (which I have) if that is any consolation!!! Even though it may not always feel that comfortable, living life to the full is important and I have managed to put the fear of 'what if' aside...nothing awful has happened yet!! Best wishes:)

  • Good to hear from you chaps. The day after an episode of SVT I feel anxious that I may have another and when I am in bed at night I find myself concentrating on my heart beat, I think I have noticed some ectopic beats - my heart seems to skip a beat here and there and it stops me falling asleep... a lack of sleep leaves me more prone to another SVT. I am not sure if I am imagining it as I am feeling on edge or if it is really happening as it is very subtle.

    This scares the sh*t out of me at the time but, the next day I usually feel fine and I carry on as normal and almost forget about SVT.

    I used to go to the gym 3 nights a week before my first episode, I am sad to say I have not been since. Have played badminton a few times with no problems though.

    I limit alcohol to the weekend and I stopped smoking 3 years ago. I do find that alcohol relaxes me enough not to think about SVT and I have never had one while drinking on a night out. I have read that alcohol can be a trigger but, for me sex seems to set it off.

    Thankfully the episodes don't often last more that 10 mins... the SVT, not the sex. Ha Ha.

    I wish you guys well. How often you get an occurrence of SVT and are they getting more or less frequent?



  • Although I am a woman I have to say I admire your sense humour. I have an ICD due to arrhythmia and sadly it has fired during sex. I have decided I'll just have to b a little less energetic lol 😳😳😘lol

  • I try to have a sense of humour about it and not avoid sex, just in case I have an episode of SVT but, it is always in the back of my mind... I am sometimes worried it might kill me.

    My gravestone would probably say 'He came & went' lol

  • Everyone says lol nowadays, but few things actually make you laugh out loud, this had me heehawing, thanks!

  • designjunky You have a great sense of humor. It will help your health problems. This was really funny.

  • I assume that you are not taking Viagra or you would have mentioned it as a possible contributing factor.

  • I use a beta blocker, metoprolol, 25 mg daily and a low dose aspirin, 81 mg daily. These control my arrhythmia. I have not had any palpitations or rapid heart beats since October 2015 when I went on medication. I had a loop recorder implanted on April 19. It will monitor my cardiac activity.

    Get help. Don't suffer or take risks.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. I am now on Bisoprolol 2.5mg since 29th Dec 2015, after 2 very bad SVT.  I have not had one since. Feeling good :-)


  • designjunky Great news. I am glad you are using medication. Keep up the good work.

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