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Magnesium and Taurine

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Hi again, quick question. I have magnesium citrate, it was easy to find. Magnesium taurate I cannot buy locally, only as an import from Amazon. I have found taurine locally. Can anyone tell me whether magnesium citrate (or I could get glyconate) plus taurine is thought to be as effective as magnesium taurate?

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Mag Glycinate is excellent and no laxative side effects like Citrate. Taurine I buy from Ebay UK.

Thanks. I might get the taurine and switch to glycinate when I run out of the current batch. Not had too many issues with the laxative effect so far thankfully.

Great question because I take magnesium too, gonna ask my pharmacist

Magnesium Citrate did it for me, stopped my very frequent ectopics in their tracks 4 months ago, it also has anti-anxiety properties, not surprising as anxiety and irregular heart beats are linked in some cases.I have been told that Magnesium Taurate is best so have bought some from Swanson, they are a U. S. Company, I'm in the U.K. About to try it.

Lucky you, that's a great result! I have only had this going on for a month but there is no sign of it abating. I think stress is playing quite a large part. I often feel better on Saturdays... The thought of having to live with this morning noon and night for ever more is quite horrifying.

Forgive me if I'm repeating myself but I think that you would gain understanding, reassurance and a road to recovery if you read Doctor Claire Weekes' classic first book 'Self help for your nerves' available new or used from Amazon or Ebay.

Her biography was recently published and the title of it says everything: "Claire Weekes - The woman who cracked the anxiety code." Indeed she did!

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