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Irregular heart beat control with walking plus Magnesium


This is not a question but an observation. Walking 45 min/day for 5-6 days a week and Magnesium has helped me control Irregular heart beat ( IHB) for 3 weeks now. Prior to that IHB was just about every day during BP measurements and 10-20 min episodes during which I felt spaced out and exhausted. Hoping my IHB does not return.

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That’s great to hear! You must be so relieved to find something that helps. Please could you tell me what form of magnesium, and what dose you’ve been taking? Thank you very much :) x

Vishnu2020 in reply to JaneFinn

Dear Jane, I take CALM , available at Walmart. It is Magnesium Carbonate + flavoring. Very soluble in water, with slight fizz, tastes like a small soft drink. I take about 1/4 of teaspoon once a day. There are 20+ types of CALM !! Just get the "natural" lable. Try a small bottle first to see if it works for you.

JaneFinn in reply to Vishnu2020

Thank you!

wilsond in reply to Vishnu2020

Can we get this in the UK I ASDA our version of walmart . Thank you for the info

Vishnu2020 in reply to wilsond

Should be able to. Magnesium carbonate is similar to sodium carbonate a common substance in baking soda or baking powder. Any pharmacy can get you Magnesium carbonate powder.

wilsond in reply to Vishnu2020

Thank you x

Kingsley09 in reply to wilsond

I order mine on line I’m in the uk I don’t think I’m allowed to say what make but it’s magnesium taurate as I was advised that it was the best one to take for heart problems and it seems to have helped me a lot

wilsond in reply to Kingsley09

Thank you x

Magnesium supplements cam help suppress ectopic beats and other irregular rhythms, especially if you have become deficient in magnesium due to diuretic or PPI medication, or just an over-refined diet. Regular walking is good for your heart and general health. It is well worth trying these effective "lifestyle" interventions before going on regular anti-arrhythmic medication. But irregular heart rhythms can come and go depending on many factors, especially transient viral illnesses and stress, so don't be too disappointed if they return now and then.

This is really helpful - thank you so much for taking the time to share your medical knowledge :)

Thank you sir for writing , so I don't get overly excited. I had IHB episodes which drained me and I felt fearful. They may return as you pointed out.

If your heart is otherwise OK, short runs of irregular beats are not dangerous so there is no need to be fearful. Doing something active will often suppress them but otherwise it's best just to focus you attention on something else. If they persist for more than 12 hours without a break you should get an ECG to identify the arrhythmia: if it is atrial fibrillation there may be a small risk of having a stroke, which can be prevented by anticoagulation treatment.

Thanks for your input. Interestingly, I am having good results with Magnesium Taurate. A wasp sting and course of Omaprezole seemed to set off my AF episodes. I was getting them daily in spite being on Flecainide and Bisoprolol, which had been keeping the lid on the AF till then. Someone on the AFA forum suggested Magnesium Taurate and my episodes are reducing in frequency.

It's good to know that you are open to the idea of this supplement. Do you have any thoughts on CoQ10 which is often mentioned in relation to heart health especially if one is on statins? Also are you aware if these supplements have any known interactions with other heart medications?

Thank you very much for sharing. Feels like finally someone who understands. My mom is suffering exactly the same thing. She's drained and knocks out frequently during episodes. The onset was pretty sudden in June and caused her BP pattern to become unstable. My biggest worry is if it's AF.

Like u, we've observed that moderate walking helps and we've increased her intake of Calcium rich food owing to her being on regular omeprazole.

Based on the symptoms though, it feels like AF. Do regular irregular heart beats cause such severe draining fatigue and destabilise the BP??

Vishnu2020 in reply to ling

I felt drained with fatigue after my 10-20 min episodes of Irreg. Heart Beat and destablization of BP. My experiment with walk plus Magnesium ( walmart CALM) has helped, now 4 weeks , so I am have my hopes up. BP is not jumping around too much. I do take 50 mg Losartan, 20 mg Furosemide and 50 mg carvedilol every day for BP control.

ling in reply to Vishnu2020

Just wondering did u get tested for AF?

Any advice from your cardiologist?

ling in reply to ling

That should be magnesium rich food

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